Cholera Invades the West


Y/M/D Description Place
1831/05/16 A cholera epidemic erupts in Warsaw during the Polish-Russian War. By the 20th of August, 4,734 people will become ill and 2,524 will die.
1831/09/06 New York City's Board of Health request David Hosack and two other doctors to collect with all possible speed, all information which can be obtained from Europe or Asia or elsewhere on the subject of the Oriental Cholera.
1831/12/00 A cholera epidemic arrives in Sunderland on England's northeastern coast via infected passengers on a ship from the Baltic. It will also surface in Gateshead and Newcastle. In London, the disease will kill 6,536 victims. Sunderland, Tyne and Wear
1832/02/00 Asiatic cholera reaches London, England. The authorities are poorly prepared for the invasion of a new epidemic and the doctors disagree bitterly on treatments. Several riots break out here and in other cities in Europe. City of London,
1832/03/00 The London General Institution for the Gratuitous Cure of Malignant Diseases established by William Marsden at 16 Greville Street (lost) is the only London hospital to treat cholera victims. Bloomsbury,
1832/05/00 Between 29 May and 10 June 1832, eight major street riots erupt in Liverpool. The mob believe that cholera victims are being removed to the hospital to be killed by doctors in order to use them for anatomical dissection. Liverpool, Merseyside
1832/06/00 The Sisters of Charity perform heroic service caring for cholera victims. Many of them will from the disease. Old St Patrick's Cathedral, New York City
1832/06/00 As cholera arrives in NYC, "The roads, in all directions, were lined with well-filled stagecoaches, livery coaches, private vehicles and equestrians, all panic-struck, fleeing the city," The New York Evening Post
1832/06/00 Advertised treatments for Cholera include laudanum, calomel as a binding laxative, camphor as an anesthetic, poultices of mustard, cayenne pepper and hot vinegar are also applied, as well as opium suppositories and tobacco enemas. - NY Times
1832/06/00 James Gore King and his family flee to Highwood, their partly completed country-seat on the Palisades in Weehawken, NJ. Highwood Estate, Weehawken, Weehawken
1832/07/00 Gathered in City Hall Park, a fearful crowd are told that the cholera epidemic, caused by miasma, a highly unpleasant or unhealthy vapor, has reached its peak. New York City Hall, New York City
1832/07/00 The Cholera epidemic kills 3,515 dead out of a population of 250,000 in New York City. The disease is particularity fierce in the slum areas, such as Five Points, where Blacks and Irish Catholics live. Mulberry Bend, Five Points NYC, New York City
1834/00/00 Dr Marsden's treatise on cholera, "Symptoms and treatment of malignant diarrhoea, better known by the name of Asiatic or malignant cholera", is published.

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