The Izard's Grand Tour



Y/M/D Description Place
1775/00/00 The Izards and John S Copley visit Paestum. Paestum, Campania
1775/00/00 Mr and Mrs Ralph Izard tour Herculaneum with John Singleton Copley. Herculaneum, Ercolano
1775/00/00 Mr and Mrs Ralph Izard tour Pompeii with John Singleton Copley. Pompeii, Campania
1775/03/00 John Singleton Copley paints "Mr and Mrs Ralph Izard" in Rome, Italy.
1775/03/02 Ralph Izard writes Edward Rutledge from Rome, Italy: "I have seen the proceedings of the Congress, and think that the members of it are entitled to the thanks of the public."
1775/05/25 The King is determined never to treat with the Congress, which convinces me that nothing honest is intended. - Ralph Izard to Edward Rutledge from London, England
1775/06/12 I approve highly of the proceedings in general of the Continental Congress ... if the virtue and fortitude of America be equal to the wisdom of her delegates, the contest will soon be determined in our favor. - Ralph Izard to Isaac Low from London

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Journey: Excursion

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