Marriage of Zina B Ashford and W S Van Dyke



Y/M/D Description Place
1909/06/16 Zina B Ashford marries Woodbridge Strong Van Dyke II in Tacoma, Pierce Co, Washington.
1910/05/07 Woodbridge and Zina appear on the 1910 Federal Census of Nisqually, Pierce Co, Washington, living with Zina's parents. Ashford House, Ashford
1914/00/00 Walter Ashford uses his money earned from hosting Mount Rainer visitors and driving them by horse drawn buggy to the headquarters in Longmire to finance Zina's and her husband's move to Hollywood.
1923/00/00 Zina Ashford leaves her husband W S Van Dyke.
1930/04/30 According to the 1930 Federal Census enumerated 10 April 1930, motion picture director W S Van Dyke and his wife Zina rent a residence at 1541 Holly Vista in Hollywood, CA.
1935/01/00 W S Van Dyke divorces Zina Van Dyke on the grounds of desertion. Under the terms of a property settlement agreement, the husband agrees to pay 10 percent of his future earnings for her support.
1943/02/00 At the time of W S Van Dyke's death, he is delinquent of $97,329.36 in payments to his wife Zina. Zina pays $5,400 in attorney's fees to collect.

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