Smallpox Vaccine



Y/M/D Description Place
0622/00/00 Ahrun of Alexandria describes Smallpox in a Syriac medical text. Syrian Arab Republic,
0900/00/00 Abu Bakr al-Razi writes a Treatise on Smallpox and Measles, the first comprehensive text on the disease. The work will be in great demand for over the next 1,000 years and repeatedly translated into many languages. Iran,
1721/04/22 A British ship arrives in Boston Harbor with one sailor exhibiting symptoms of smallpox. He is quickly quarantined, but several more members of the crew soon fell ill with the disease.
1721/11/00 A vandal throws a bomb through Mather's window with a note that reads "Cotton Mather, you dog, dam you! I'll inoculate you with this, with a pox to you." The explosive, which did not detonate, was a violent response to Mather's support for vaccinations.
1722/00/00 By winter 1722, the Boston smallpox epidemic claims 850 deaths and afflicts 6,000 people out of a population of 11,000. Of the seven epidemics in the region during the 1700s, this is the most deadly.
1766/05/00 Thomas Jefferson travels to Philadelphia and New York, via Annapolis, to inoculate himself from smallpox.
1775/10/01 Elizabeth Quincy Smith dies from smallpox in Weymouth, Norfolk County, MA. She is buried in Old North Cemetery, 126 Norton St, North Weymouth, MA. Abigail Adams Birthplace, Weymouth
1776/00/00 During the American Revolution, G R Brown and his nephew, Dr James Wallace establish a hospital for the inoculation of smallpox on the Virginia side of the Potomac River.
1776/06/00 Smallpox claims the lives of several dozens soldiers of the "Army of Canada" each day at Crown Point. Fort Crown Point, Crown Point
1777/02/06 Finding the Small pox to be spreading much and fearing that no precaution can prevent it from running through the whole of our Army, I have determined that the troops shall be inoculated. - Washington letter to Dr William Shippen Morristown National Historical Park, New Jersey
1809/07/00 The town of Milton, Massachusetts, becomes part of the first municipal effort in the United States to offer free vaccination to all inhabitants. Over 300 persons are inoculated for small pox during a three-day vaccination event. Milton, Massachusetts
1809/10/09 Twelve children, selected from those vaccinated in July, are inoculated with fresh, virulent smallpox matter by Dr Amos Holbrook and witnessed by eighteen town members. The children are quarantined in a single home. Dr Amos Holbrook House, Milton
1809/10/25 Twelve children inoculated with virulent smallpox matter by Dr Amos Holbrook are discharged with no sign of smallpox infection. Milton, Massachusetts
1810/03/05 The US State of Massachusetts passes the Cow Pox Act directing every town, district, or plantation, within the Commonwealth, to provide for the vaccination of their inhabitants. Massachusetts Statehouse, Boston
1856/12/18 Smallpox Hospital opens for public inspection, built 1853-1856. Smallpox Hospital, New York City
1980/05/08 The 33rd World Health Assembly officially declares: The world and all its peoples have won freedom from smallpox.

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