Marriage of Mary T Pickman and George B Loring



Y/M/D Description Place
1851/11/00 William and John King preside over a prenuptial contract dictating that all of Mary's assets are to be placed in a trust administered by her cousin, Samuel Walcott, for the sole benefit of said Mary without the interference of any husband she may marry.
1851/11/06 Mary Toppan Pickman, daughter of Dr Thomas Pickman and Sophia Palmer Pickman, weds George B Loring.
1851/12/00 George Loring moves into his bride's home and gives up his medicine practice. Pickman-Loring-Emmerton House, Salem, Salem, MA
1855/00/00 After the death of Samuel Walcott, the George B Loring and his brother, Boston attorney John Loring, successfully petition the court to be named co-administrators of Mary's trust.

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