Marriage of Jane Loring and Asa Gray



Y/M/D Description Place
1847/03/03 Asa Gray writes a note addressed to Charles Loring, Jane's father, to request his permission to ask for Jane's hand in marriage.
1847/03/04 I appreciate and reciprocate the confidence in which it was written, and assure you that there is no person to whom I should, with some trust to cheerfully entrust the welfare of my daughter than yourself - CGL to Asa Gray
1847/05/06 I am engaged to be married to a lady who I think is every way calculated to make me happy. When we may look for the event is more than I can say, since it is only yesterday that the lady's promise has been obtained. - Asa Gray to his mother, Roxana Gray
1848/05/04 Jane Lathrop Loring, daughter of Charles G Loring and Anna Pierce Loring, marries Asa Gray. The reception is held in the Harvard Botanic Garden. Asa Gray House, Cambridge, MA
1848/05/10 After the Grays take a short wedding trip to Washington, DC, they make a home in the house at the Harvard Botanic Garden.

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