History of the Boston Latin School



Y/M/D Description Place
1635/04/23 At a Generall meeting upon publique notice it was generally agreed upon that our brother Philemon Pormort shall be intreated to become scholemaster for the teaching and nourtering of children with us. The first classes are held in Pormort's home (lost). Boston Latin School, Boston
1638/00/00 Daniel Maude, an assistant to Philemon Pormort, becomes Master of the Boston Latin School. Maude holds classes in his own residence (lost) on Pemberton Square until 1643. John Adams Courthouse, Boston
1645/00/00 Boston Latin School's first schoolhouse (lost) is erected on School Street. The town funded institutions offers a free education to boys while girls attend private schools at home. Old City Hall, Boston
1650/00/00 Robert Woodmansey becomes the schoolmaster at Boston Latin School (lost) with a salary of fifty pounds a year. Old City Hall, Boston
1670/12/29 Ezekiel Cheever, the author of "Accidence" the accepted Latin grammard, is asked to be the Head Master at Boston Latin School (lost). Old City Hall, Boston
1734/00/00 John Lovell, assistant to the previous Head Master Nathaniel Williams, is appointed Head Master at the Boston Latin School (lost). Lovell will become "the pride of Boston's parents and the terror of its youth." Old City Hall, Boston
1735/00/00 Thomas Amory attends the Boston Latin School.
1741/00/00 Benjamin Franklin attends the Boston Latin School (lost) on School Street, but he will dropout before graduating. A statue of Mr Franklin marks the school site at 60 School Street. Old City Hall, Boston
1745/00/00 Boston Latin School's wooden schoolroom is torn down to make way for an expanded King's Chapel. A mosaic dedicated to the school is located in the sidewalk 60 School Street. Old City Hall, Boston
1748/00/00 Boston Latin School operates out of a brick building (lost) on south side of School Street, 1748-1812. Parker House, Boston
1760/00/00 John Lovell's son James is appointed usher at the Boston Latin School (lost). John, Loyal to King George, and James, a patriot, teach from desks at opposite ends of the schoolroom, expounding opposite convictions. Parker House, Boston
1775/04/19 John Lovell angrily announces, "War's begun and school's done. Deponite libros (Put away books)." The Boston Latin School will be closed until General Washington forces the British out of Boston. Parker House, Boston
1812/00/00 Boston Latin School occupies a larger brick school building (lost) on south side of School Street, 1812-1844. Parker House, Boston
1844/00/00 Boston Latin School Third school house (lost) relocates to Bedford Street west of Chauncy Street. They will operate from here until 1881.
1881/00/00 Boston Latin School (lost) moves to Warren Avenue, near Dartmouth Street. The staying here until 1922, the BLS shared the building with the English High School of Boston.
1922/00/00 Boston Latin School House moves to a building on Avenue Louis Pasteur. Boston Latin School, Boston

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