Second Battle of Ypres



Y/M/D Description Place
1915/04/22 The German army launches a deadly chlorine gas against Allied troops. It is the first large scale use of a chemical weapon in the history of war. Yorkshire Trench and Dug Out, Ypres, BE
1915/04/22 The German army attacks the British Advanced Dressing Station with heavier than air chlorine gas. "The general impression in my mind is of a nightmare. We have been in the most bitter of fights." - John McCrae Site John McCrae, Ypres, BE
1915/05/00 Medical Officer McCrae treats wounded during the Second Battle of Ypres, from a hastily dug 8-by-8-foot bunker in the back of the dyke on the western bank of the Yser Canal. Site John McCrae, Ypres, BE
1915/05/02 Lt Col John McCrae presides over the funeral of his friend, Lieutenant Alexis Helmer of the 2nd Battery, 1st Brigade Canadian Field Artillery, at Essex Farm Cemetery. Helmer's grave is now lost. Site John McCrae, Ypres, BE
1915/05/03 Lt Col John McCrae writes "In Flanders Fields", noting that poppies sprouted up quickly around the graves in Flanders. Site John McCrae, Ypres, BE

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Area of Significance: Military
Motif: War
Historic Event: World War I

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