Creation of Cinematic Film



Y/M/D Description Place
1902/09/01 "A Trip to the Moon" by Georges Melies is shown at Melies's Theatre Robert-Houdin, Paris. The cosmic spectacle features innovative editing and special effects techniques.
1915/02/08 Directed by D W Griffith, "The Birth of a Nation" premieres at Clune's Auditorium (razed) at 427 W 5th Street, Los Angeles, CA. Historic Downtown,
1924/12/23 "The Last Laugh" starring Olaf Storm, Hermann Vallentin, Maly Delschaft and Emil Jannings is released in the German Reich. The silent film features Murnau's pioneering 'unchained' camera technique, now known as a dolly shot, and one intertitle.
1927/09/23 Director F W Murnau does not attend the world premiere "Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans" at the Times Square Theatre in New York City. The silent romantic drama stars George O'Brien, Janet Gaynor and Margaret Livingston. Times Square Theater, NYC, New York City

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