George Peabody's Funeral



Y/M/D Description Place
1869/11/04 American financier and philanthropist, George Peabody, dies in London, aged 74, at the home of Curtis Lampson, 8o Eaton Square. 73-82, Eaton Square Sw1, London
1869/11/12 British Prime Minister, William Gladston, and The Lord Mayor of London attend George Peabody's funeral. Westminster Abbey, London, London
1869/11/12 George Peabody's executors, Sir Curtis Lampson and Mr C Reed, comply with the public wish for a funeral service performed over his coffin in Westminster Abbey. Westminster Abbey, London, London
1869/11/12 After George Peabody's funeral service ends, the procession forms again and moves to a spot near the western entrance, where a temporary grave had been readied. Westminster Abbey, London, London
1869/12/11 The mortal remains of George Peabody are removed from Westminster Abbey to be transported to America.
1870/01/00 HMS MONARCH, carries the body of George M Peabody to Portland, Maine, escorted by the USS PLYMOUTH. The USS Miantonomoh met the funeral ships when they arrived in US waters.
1870/01/22 WASHINGTON, The following officers have been ordered to report to Admiral FARRAGUT to accompany him as members of his staff to Portland, in connection with the ceremonies proposed in honor of the late GEORGE PEABODY. - The NY Times
1870/01/30 After the HMS Monarch's arrival in Portland, George Peabody's body remains on the ship for two days before being move to lis in state at the Portland Maine City Hall (lost).
1870/02/01 George Peabody's hearse is pulled by horses though the streets of Portland to train depot, to be sent on to South Danvers.
1870/02/05 George Peabody's body lies in repose in the the Peabody Institute Library, Peabody, for a week as federal soldiers stand guard. Peabody Institute Library, Peabody
1870/02/08 Prince Arthur of England, Queen Victoria's son, attends George Peabody's obsequies. Harmony Grove Cemetery, Salem, Salem, MA
1870/02/08 On a cold stormy day, George Peabody is laid to rest in Harmony Grove Cemetery. Mourners include the Governor of Massachusetts, the Lt Governor, federal and state judges, Governor's Council members and mayors of Salem, Portland, Baltimore and Boston. Harmony Grove Cemetery, Salem, Salem, MA

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