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Y/M/D Person Association Description Place Locale Event
1791/03/00 Gen John Neville Work John Neville is appointed federal revenue inspector for a district comprising Allegheny, Bedford, Washington and Westmoreland counties, collecting the excise tax on whiskey. Woodville Plantation (Neville House) Bridgeville Whiskey Rebellion
1796/10/00 James Anderson, from Inverkeithing, Scotland, becomes farm manager for George Washington. Soon he suggest to Washington that the retired President should go into the whiskey-making business. George Washington's Distillery and Gristmill Mt Vernon, VA
1806/08/00 Aaron Burr Jr Defendant While on Blennerhasset's Island, Burr contracts for the delivery of 15 boats capable of carrying 500 men, a large keel boat for transporting provisions and huge quantities of pork, corn meal, flour and whiskey. Blennerhassett Island Historic District Parkersburg Aaron Burr Conspiracy
1862/07/04 Warren Delano IV Life The SURPRISE, flags flying, celebrates the Fourth of July with a salute. "We have had 13 cannons fired and as sone as we had fired them the men had what they called splicing the main brace witch was only taking a glass of whiskey." WD IV Delano Family Voyage to China
1862/09/12 Confederate troops burn down the Horsey distillery during the Battle of South Mountain. The Rebels reportedly lost the position, in part, due to drinking too much whiskey. Outerbridge Horsey House and Distillery Site Burkittsville, MD Battle of South Mountain
1862/09/13 Damp, drizzly, nasty weather.... Sailors sung while working the capstan. The chorus of the song was 'Oh you Sailor, I love you for your money.' The sailors sung with some spirit having been treated to a glass of whiskey this morning after the rough night. Delano Family Voyage to China
1880/00/00 Horsey's whisky is aged at the distillery for several years, then sent on a sea voyage around Cape Horn to the West Coast and aged several more years before being shipped back by sea or railroad to Maryland where the aging continues. Outerbridge Horsey House and Distillery Site Burkittsville, MD
1884/00/00 Greenhut mansion is built for whiskey baron J B Greenhut, 802 N Sheridan Rd. West Bluff Historic District Peoria
1949/00/00 Alexander Mackendrick Director "Whiskey Galore! " is released.
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