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Y/M/D Person Association Description Place Locale Event
1791/03/00 Gen John Neville Work John Neville is appointed federal revenue inspector for a district comprising Allegheny, Bedford, Washington and Westmoreland counties, collecting the excise tax on whiskey. Woodville Plantation (Neville House) Bridgeville Whiskey Rebellion
1796/10/00 James Anderson, from Inverkeithing, Scotland, becomes farm manager for George Washington. Soon he suggest to Washington that the retired President should go into the whiskey-making business. George Washington's Distillery and Gristmill Mt Vernon, VA
1806/08/00 Aaron Burr Jr Defendant While on Blennerhasset's Island, Burr contracts for the delivery of 15 boats capable of carrying 500 men, a large keel boat for transporting provisions and huge quantities of pork, corn meal, flour and whiskey. Blennerhassett Island Historic District Parkersburg Aaron Burr Conspiracy
1862/07/04 Warren Delano IV Life The SURPRISE, flags flying, celebrates the Fourth of July with a salute. "We have had 13 cannons fired and as sone as we had fired them the men had what they called splicing the main brace witch was only taking a glass of whiskey." WD IV Delano Family Voyage to China
1862/09/13 Damp, drizzly, nasty weather.... Sailors sung while working the capstan. The chorus of the song was 'Oh you Sailor, I love you for your money.' The sailors sung with some spirit having been treated to a glass of whiskey this morning after the rough night. Delano Family Voyage to China
1884/00/00 Greenhut mansion is built for whiskey baron J B Greenhut, 802 N Sheridan Rd. West Bluff Historic District Peoria
1949/00/00 Alexander Mackendrick Director "Whiskey Galore! " is released.
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