Belgian Fries

  • Also Known As: Pommes Frites
  • As Noted In: World's Best Snacks, Small Plates and Treats, Phantom

Crispy Goodness

Belgian Fries are French cut fresh potatoes; twice-fried for a crispy bite. Belgian Fries are typically served in a paper cone with a side of dipping sauce that usually include flavored mayonnaise, curry ketchup or peanut satay.

These French fries are easily found at "fry shops". In Flanders or "Flemish-Belgium", look for frietkot but in the French-speaking regions of Belgium look for a friterie. In the Netherlands (aka Holland, a nation just north of Belgium) you can find Vlaamse Frites or "Flemish Fries" sold throughout the country, from small food stands to restaurants. - AsNotedIn


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Food Attribute Belgian Food
Food Attribute Dutch Food
Product Kind Food
Food Type Vegetable
Food Category Victual

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