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Buttery, Flaky goodness

A Croissant is a flaky crescent shaped bread roll consisting of layers of very thin dough and butter. Eat them out-of-hand or use to make excellent sandwiches. Pain au chocolat is a croissant baked with a ribbon of dark chocolate inside. - AsNotedIn

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Y/M/D Person Association Description Place Locale Event
1683/00/00 The Croissant, a viennoiserie pastry, is invented on Vienna, Austria. Vienna, AT Austria
1700/06/00 Marie Antoinette introduces the croissant to the French Royal Court. Chateau de Versailles Palace and Park of Versailles
1838/00/00 Austrian artillery officer, August Zang, opens a Viennese bakery, Boulangerie Viennoise, at 92 rue de Richelieu in Paris. They serve Viennese specialties including the kipferl and the Vienna loaf. 1st Rt, Louvre

Food Type Bread

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Particulars for :
Food Attribute Bakery Goods
Food Attribute Bread Roll
Product Kind Food
Food Attribute French Food
Food Category Victual
Food Attribute Viennoiserie

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