Arctic Prawn

  • Species: Pandalus borealis
  • As Noted In: 1001 Foods You Must Taste Before You Die, Quintessence Editions

Gourmet food from the Arctic

The Arctic Prawn, or coldwater prawn is a species of shrimp found in cold, northern parts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans notable for a delicate flavor and a firm and juicy texture. Other common names include crevette nordique, deepwater prawn, deep-sea prawn, great northern prawn, northern shrimp and pink shrimp. High quality prawns are caught in clean, deep waters. Low in fat, arctic prawns are a good source of protein. - AsNotedIn

Y/M/D Person Association Description Place Locale Event
1900/00/00 Pandalus borealis have been widely fished since the early the 1900s in Norway, and later in other countries following Johan Hjort's discoveries of how to find them. Norway

Food Type Fish

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Particulars for :
Product Kind Food
Food Attribute Norwegian Food
Marine Crustacean Prawn
Food Category Victual

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