Apple Dumpling

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Y/M/D Person Association Description Place Locale Event
1726/00/00 In 1726, Nicholas Amhurst gripes about apple dumplings at Oxford, saying "nothing can be expected from only rot-gut small beer, and heavy apple-dumplings, but stupidity, sleepiness, and indolence." St Johns College, Oxford Oxford
1765/00/00 Francis Newbery, nephew to John Publisher Susannah Carter's "The Frugal Housewife," first published in London by Francis Newbery, nephew of John Newbery, has a recipe for apple dumplings that includes white wine. City of London
1869/00/00 Thomas Edison Life Thomas Edison moves to New York City where he continues working on inventions related to the telegraph. Short on funds, Edison trades tea leaves for a breakfast of baked apple dumplings which will remain his favorite food.

Eats Time Breakfast
Eats Time Dessert

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Particulars for :
Food Attribute American Food
Food Type Dumpling
Product Kind Food
Food Type Fruit
Food Category Victual

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