Old English Punch

  • Also Known As: Smoking Bishop

Classic English Punch is a notable longdrink that typically includes spirit, citrus, water, sweetener and often, spice. - AsNotedIn


Y/M/D Person Association Description Place Locale Event
1632/00/00 The first printed record of the word 'punch', but where and when it was invented remains unclear.
1638/00/00 German adventurer, Johan Albert de Mandelslo, describes punch as "a kind of drink consisting of aqua vitae, rose-water, juice of citrons and sugar."
1658/09/22 Rev Samuel Hooker Groom Mary Willet marries Samuel Hooker in Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut Colony of England. And Samuel and Mary did then brew a great bowl of punch.
1670/00/00 As early as 1670, brandy in Europe and rum in America replace arrack.
1676/00/00 East India Company Observer A member of the British East India Company suggest punch derives from 'paunch', the Indian word for five. Arrack, distilled from a variety of sources, is the preferred spirit for punch in Europe throughout the 17C and 18C.
1711/11/17 Jonathan Swift Life The secretary and I dined at brigadier Britton's, but I left them at six, ... to drink punch at sir Andrew Fountaine's. We were not very merry, and I don't love rack punch, I love it better with brandy. - JS
1720/00/00 Jonathan Swift's recipe for Punch includes a mixture of Lisbon wine or claret, 1.5 pounds of sugar and roasted bitter oranges then heated or "mulled".
1736/05/18 Peter Jefferson Owner Peter Jefferson acquires an option to buy 200-adjacent acres from William Randolph, in exchange for "Henry Weatherbourn's biggest bowl of Arrack punch." Shadwell Plantation Site Shadwell
1755/05/00 Samuel Johnson Author In his Dictionary, Samuel Johnson defines punch as "a cant word for a mixture of wine, oranges, and sugar."
1766/06/15 John Adams Life I spent the evening with the Sons of Liberty.... We had punch, wine, pipes and tobacco, biscuit and cheese, etc they chose a committee to make preparation for a grand rejoicing upon the arrival of the news of the repeal of the Stamp Act. - Adams diary American Revolution - From Protest to Revolt
1770/00/00 In 1770, the Punch House on White Cross Street in London, England, sells red port at 6s per gallon or 18s per dozen bottles.
1783/00/00 George Clinton (vice president) Host New York State governor George Clinton serves 30 bowls of rum punch along with 135 bottles of Madeira, 36 of port and 60 of beer to 120 guests at a party for the French ambassador.
1843/12/17 Charles Dickens Author Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol" is published by Chapman and Hall. Priced at 5 shillings (23 pounds in 2018), the first run of 6,000 copies sells out by Christmas Eve.
1845/00/00 Eliza Action includes a recipe for a Smoking Bishop in "Modern Cookery for Private Families".
2017/01/20 George Washington Life Made by Gerrit Onkelbag circa 1700, Washington's Bowl (private collection), a Brandywine bowl reportedly used by George Washington to drink punch, is sold at auction for $372,500. Belcher-Ogden House Elizabeth

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Food Attribute Alcohol
Food Category Drink
Product Kind Food
Food Attribute Longdrink
Beverage Punch (drink)

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