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Christina's World

  • Type: Painting
The challenge to me was to do justice to her extraordinary conquest of a life which most people would consider hopeless. If in some small way I have been able in paint to make the viewer sense that her world may be limited physically but by no means spiritually, then I have achieved what I set out to do. Andrew Wyeth

Christina's World is a 1948 tempera painting by Andrew Wyeth. The work shows a woman struggling up (or just sitting on) a grassy hill, moving or looking toward a colonial house set in a landscape of tawny grass. The subject of the painting is Anna Christina Olson (1893-1968), crippled by polio (or Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease) and the Cushing, Maine home she shared with her brother, Alvaro (1894-1967). Andrew Wyeth was a close friend and neighbor of the Olsens. Betsy Wyeth, wife of the artist, actually posed for the painting. The view is from the southeast, just off Hathorne Point Rd. - AsNotedIn

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Y/M/D Association Description Place Locale Food Event
1948/00/00 Andrew Wyeth Painter Christina's World - created Olson House South Cushing

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Particulars for Christina's World:
Art Attribute American Art
Art Medium Gesso
Art Type Painting art of using colored substance to create a picture
Art Medium Tempura
Art Medium Wood Panel sheet of wood

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