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Washington Crossing the Delaware, by Larry Rivers

  • Type: Painting

Washington Crossing the Delaware is a painting by Larry Rivers. In his 1992 autobiography, What did I Do? Mr Rivers describes how he came to create the work of art.

Tolstoy's novel was not something I could see, not a figure or a landscape, a church or a mountainside. By meshing Napoleon's invasion of Russia with contemporary life, Tolstoy set me on a course that produced Washington Crossing the Delaware.... This work was going to take my style of painting, charcoal drawing and rag wiping, to a new height. The mixture of grand art and absurdity was with me from the beginning.... branded a rebel against the rebellious abstract expressionists, which made me a reactionary.
- AsNotedIn

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Y/M/D Association Description Place Locale Food Event
1953/00/00 Larry Rivers Painter Washington Crossing the Delaware - created
1953/00/00 After reading Tolstoy's War and Peace, Larry Rivers is inspired to paint the most controversial painting of our time

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Particulars for Washington Crossing the Delaware, by Larry Rivers:
Art Attribute American Art
Art Medium Charcoal
Art Medium Linen
Art Medium Oil
Art Type Painting art of using colored substance to create a picture

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