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The Spinners, or the Fable of Arachne (painting)

  • Spanish: Las Hilanderas
  • Type: Painting

The Spinners, or the Fable of Arachne is a painting by Spanish artist Diego Velazquez. - AsNotedIn

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Y/M/D Association Description Place Locale Food Event
1655/00/00 Diego Velazquez Artist Diego Velazquez creates "The Spinners, or the Fable of Arachne" for Don Pedro de Arce, huntsman to King Philip IV, 1655-1660.
1869/12/00 Thomas Eakins Education Let us ever divide things up so as to get as strong a start as possible. This is the way I think The Tapestry Weaver was painted, the finest piece of painting I have ever seen. - Thomas Eakins' notebook Museo del Prado, Madrid Madrid Thomas Eakins' Spanish Sojourn

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Particulars for The Spinners, or the Fable of Arachne (painting):
Area of Significance Art
Art Medium Canvas
Art Medium Oil
Art Type Painting art of using colored substance to create a picture

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