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The Fairman Rogers Four-in-Hand (painting)

  • Also Known As: A May Morning in the Park
  • Type: Painting

The Fairman Rogers Four-in-Hand is a painting by American artist Thomas Eakins. - AsNotedIn

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  • West Fairmount Park, Eakins set "The Fairman Rogers Four-in-Hand" in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park, just north of Memorial Hall.


Y/M/D Association Description Place Locale Food Event
1879/00/00 Thomas Eakins Artist Thomas Eakins paints "The Fairman Rogers Four-in-Hand" using photographs of horses to precisely render their movements, 1879-1880. Invention Of Photography
1880/11/00 Fairman Rogers Owner Fairman Rogers pays Thomas Eakins $500 for "The Fairman Rogers Four-in-Hand" and exhibits it at the Philadelphia Society of Artists in November 1880.

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Particulars for The Fairman Rogers Four-in-Hand (painting):
Area of Significance Art
Art Medium Canvas
Art Medium Oil
Art Type Painting art of using colored substance to create a picture

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