Revere Copper Company Napoleon Gun No 255

  • Type: Artillery

  • Travel Genus: Sight
  • Sight Category: Object

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Y/M/D Association Description Place Locale Food Event
1863/00/00 Revere Copper Company Foundry The Revere Copper Company produces Napoleon Gun No 255 for United States Army. Paul Revere Heritage Site Canton
1863/00/00 Thomas J Rodman Inspector Revere Copper Company Napoleon gun No 255, cast for Union Army, 1230 lbs, inspected by T J R, sits at Malvern Hill Malvern Hill Ruins Glendale and Malvern Hill Battlefields

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Particulars for Revere Copper Company Napoleon Gun No 255:
Weapon Artillery large-caliber guns used in warfare on land
Area of Significance Military
Sight Category Object
Artifact Attribute Weapons

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