Religious Society of Friends

  • American

Christian religious movement, notable for being conscientious objectors and their strong believe in abolitionism - AsNotedIn

Notable Position Person From To
Spiritual Leader Daniel Byrnes
Member John Chambers (White Clay Creek)
Member Jesse P Hannum
Member Joseph Tatnall
Member Dr Joseph Peasley
Member Lucretia Mott
Member, expelled from the Society of Friends for marring a non-member, James Madison Dolley Madison 1768 1794
Member Levi Coffin
Member James Arnold
Member William Rotch Sr


Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1673/00/00 Joseph and Ruth Peaslee hold a Quaker meeting in their residence in East Haverhill, Province of Massachusetts Bay. Peaslee Garrison House Haverhill
1676/00/00 First Salem Meeting of the Society of Friends is organized. Abel and Mary Nicholson House Salem
1694/00/00 Old Quaker Meetinghouse New York City
1703/00/00 Established Fair Hill Burial Ground Philadelphia, PA
1710/00/00 A Quaker meeting, often held in Holly Hill before 1700, is held at Holly Hill. Holly Hill Rose Haven
1726/00/00 The Religious Society of Friends build a meeting house of unhewn, tan, Pennsylvania fieldstone. The one room building is divided into separate areas of worship for men and woman by floor to ceiling wooden folding partitians. Builder Caln Meeting House Coatesville
1753/00/00 Chappaqua is settled c 1740 by a group of Quakers from Long Island. The Chappaqua Friends Meeting House at 420 Quaker Road dates from c 1753. Vocation Old Chappaqua Historic District Chappaqua, NY
1760/00/00 Evesham Friends Meeting House is built Owners Evesham Friends Meeting House Mount Laurel
1777/00/00 Creek Meeting House and Friends' Cemetery Clinton Corners
1780/00/00 Nine Partners Meeting House and Cemetery Millbrook
1786/00/00 Designed by William H Douglas, a simple post and beam building built by Quakers as a meeting house. Affiliation Oak Grove Chapel Vassalboro
1790/00/00 Oswego Meeting House and Friends' Cemetery Moore's Mill
1797/00/00 Crum Elbow Meeting House and Cemetery East Park
1809/00/00 Beekman Meeting House and Friends' Cemetery LeGrangeville
1812/00/00 Twelfth Street Meeting House is built on the west side of 12th St, south of Market Street, in Philadelphia using salvaged timbers from a 1755 meeting house. Twelfth Street Meetinghouse Newtown Township
1835/00/00 New Garden Boarding School building constructed Founders Founders Hall Greensboro
1837/00/00 Guilford College is founded by members of the Religious Society of Friends. Founders Guilford College Greensboro
1846/00/00 Woodlawn plantation sold to Quaker timber merchants who ran the farm without slave labor. Work Woodlawn Plantation Mt Vernon, VA
1851/00/00 Woodlawn Quaker Meetinghouse Mt Vernon, VA
1851/00/00 Farmers Institute Academy opens Architect Farmers Institute Shadeland
1863/00/00 Poughkeepsie Meeting House (Montgomery Street) Poughkeepsie, NY
1864/00/00 Race Street Friends Meetinghouse Philadelphia, PA
1875/00/00 Clear Creek Meeting House is built for the Illinois Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. Clear Creek Meeting House McNabb
1890/00/00 Clinton Corners Friends Church Clinton Corners
1928/00/00 Built Poughkeepsie Meeting House (Hooker Avenue) Poughkeepsie, NY
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