Works about Mary Morrell Folger
  • Makrystoria: Moby Dick (book), The grandmother of Benjamin Franklin was Mary Morrel, afterwards, by marriage, Mary Folger, one of the old settlers of Nantucket, and the ancestress to a long line of Folgers and harpooneers....


Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1620/00/00 Mary Morrill is born in England circa 1620. Born
1635/00/00 Indentured servant, Mary Folger, immigrates to Massachusetts Bay Colony from Norwich, England with Rev Hugh Peters and his family. Working for the family as a maid, she sails on the same ship as Peter Folger and his parents. Work
1635/00/00 After Peter Folger gives Hugh Peters 20 pounds in exchange for Mary Folger's servitude, she marries Peter Folger in 1644 and live in Watertown, Massachusetts. Bride
1660/00/00 Peter and Mary Folger move to Martha's Vineyard, where they will come to know the Mayhew family. Peter is a teacher, surveyor and translator for the Wampanoag tribe. Life Martha's Vineyard
1663/00/00 Peter and Mary Folger relocate to Nantucket island. Life Nantucket Massachusetts
1704/04/00 Mary Morrell Folger dies of natural causes on Nantucket in the Province of Massachusetts. She is buried at the Founders Burial Ground on Nantucket island. Died
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