Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1429/11/03 Young King Henry with his lords rides from Kingston over London bridge (lost). The Mayor and Aldermen, in scarlet robes, accompany him to the Tower of London. Sovereign Old London Bridge Archway London
1429/11/04 Henry, in regal splendor, receives 32 Knights of the Order of Bath, who were ritually wash. Sovereign The White Tower Tower of London
1429/11/05 After hours of ceremony, Henry, dressed in cloth of gold, is anointed King of England with Richard II's crown. The usual crown of Edward the Confessor is judge to be too heavy. Sovereign Westminster Abbey, London London
1429/11/05 The Coronations feast includes swan, heron stuffed with capons, quail, curlew, lark, partridge, carp, crab, eels, pike, red jelly and roasted peacock served in its plumage. Sovereign Westminster Hall Palace of Westminster Quail
1464/06/00 After his defeat in the Battle of Hexham, Henry VI traverses England, taking refuge with Lancastrian supporters across the north of England. Henry may have found rest at Bracewell Hall. Refuge Barn Incorporating Remains Of King Henry's Parlour, Bracewell Hall Bracewell and Brogden
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