Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1835/10/08 Ellen Murray Hanna, wife of Jeremiah Dodge Peabody, gives birth to a son, Arthur John Peabody. Born
1870/07/09 Charles Scribner, Andrew C Armstrong, Edward Seymour, Arthur J Peabody, Josiah Gilbert Holland and Roswell C Smith form Scribner and Co establish Scribner's Monthly. Work
1871/05/09 Eleanor Elliot Russell marries Arthur J Peabody. It is probably soon after this they moved to No 61. Groom Tenth Street Townhouses New York City
1872/02/01 Arthur J Peabody retires from of Charles Scribner and Co. Work
1875/12/00 Abner W Colgate, Amos R Eno, Levi P Morton, Arthur J Peabody and Anson G P Stokes are among two dozen respected gentlemen selected as potential jury members in the New York City's case against the William M Tweed. Life
1883/00/00 Arthur J Peabody rent The Mallows, a "cottage" on the shore of Lake Agawam. They will rent here until 1886. Home Halsey House and Garden Southampton, NY
1886/00/00 The Peabodys begin acquiring land from the estate of Thomas N White. They will build three more houses, remodeled the Halsey house into a guest house and name main house Agawam. Home Halsey House and Garden Southampton, NY
1895/11/16 Arthur and Eleanor Peabody celebrate their 25th anniversary by taking 45 friends to see Frank Daniels in "The Wizard of the Nile" a burlesque operetta by V A Herbert and H B Smith at the Casino Theatre (lost). After, they will dine at the Waldorf (lost). Groom
1901/01/03 Arthur J Peabody is infected with the influenza virus. Health
1901/01/13 Arthur John Peabody dies of pneumonia. His funeral will be held at Calvary Church in Manhattan, New York City. Dies Calvary Church New York City
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