Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1861/01/06 Victor Pierre Horta is born in Ghent. His father, Pierre Horta, was a luxury shoemaker, who, according to Victor, "ran his studio with such an air of superiority that for him it became an art." Born
1873/00/00 Horta joins the architecture section of the Ghent Academy of Fine Arts. Education
1874/00/00 Horta frequents the Royal Athenaeum of Ghent from 1874 to 1877. Life
1878/00/00 In Paris, Horta enters the studio of architect and decorator, Jules Debuysson. Education
1880/06/13 After the death of his father, Victor Horta returns to Belgium. Life
1881/00/00 Horta enters an internship with Alphonse Balat, the favorite architect of Leopold II who designed the Museum of Ancient Art, rue de la Regence in Brussels. Work
1881/00/00 Horta marries Pauline Heyse, they move to Brussels. Pauline was born on 7 October 1856, in 's Gravenhage, Nederland. The union will produce two daughters, including Simone Horta. Groom
1881/00/00 Horta joins the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Life
1884/00/00 Horta wins the first Godecharle Award for Architecture with a Parliament project. Life
1885/00/00 Horta begins construction on three adjoining houses on Twaalfkameren Street (Street of the Twelve Chambers, Rue des Douze Chambres) in Ghent, Belgium. Architect Horta Ghent Residences Ghent
1887/00/00 Horta wins the triennial competition organized by the Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels for its former students, with a project of Natural History Museum. Life
1889/00/00 On the recommendation of Alphonse Balat, Victor Horta is commissioned for 100000 francs to design a pavilion to house Jef Lambeaux's sculpture "The Human Passions" at the Brussels International Exposition. Architect Temple of Human Passions, Cinquantenaire Parc du Cinquantenaire Exposition Internationale de Bruxelles (1897)
1889/07/00 Horta tours the Eiffel Tower and Gallery of Machines at the Exposition Universelle in Paris. Visitor Eiffel Tower Paris 1889 Exposition Universelle
1890/00/00 Simone Horta is born. Maison Matyn, 50 Rue de Bordeaux in Saint-Gilles (Brussels). Father
1892/00/00 Horat becomes a professor at the Polytechnic Faculty of the Universite Libre de Bruxelles. Work
1893/00/00 Maison Autrique is built at 266 Chaussee de Haecht in Schaerbeek, Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium, for Eugene Autrique. Architect Maison Autrique Schaerbeek, BE
1894/00/00 The Hotel Tassel, a town house, is built by Victor Horta for Belgian scientist, Emile Tassel, in 1893-1894. It is generally considered to be the first true Art Nouveau building, due to its innovative layout and use of materials and decoration. Architect Hotel Tassel Brussels, BE
1894/00/00 Horta becomes president of the Central Architecture Society of Belgium. Work
1894/00/00 Solvay Hotel is built on Avenue Louise in Brussels. Architect Hotel Solvay Brussels, BE
1894/00/00 Maison Frison is built as an office and residence for Maurice Frison, Lawyer of Court of Leopold II. Architect Frison House, Brussels Brussels, BE
1895/00/00 Construction begins on a mansion at Avenue Palmerston for Georges Deprez, director of the val Saint-Lambert crystals, and his wife, Madame Van de Velde1. Architect Hotel Deprez-Van de Velde Brussels, BE
1895/00/00 Children's Garden, 40 rue Saint-Ghislain in Brussels. Architect
1895/00/00 Van Eetvelde Hotel is built at 4 Avenue Palmerston in Brussels (enlarged in 1898-1901). Architect Hotel van Eetvelde Brussels, BE
1897/04/03 Johannes Brahms dies of liver cancer or cirrhosis of the liver in Vienna, Austria. He is buried in the Zentralfriedhof in Vienna, under a monument designed by Victor Horta and the sculptor Ilse von Twardowski-Conrat. Architect Central Cemetery, Wien Vienna, AT
1899/00/00 Aubecq Hotel, 520 avenue Louise in Brussels. Demolished in 1950. Architect
1899/00/00 Commissioned by the Belgian Workers' Party in 1895, Maison du Peuple opens at 12 Place E Vandervelde, Brussels. Razed 1966, the railings can be seen in the Brussels' Horta subway station. Structural parts are incorporated in the Horta Grand Cafe, Antwerp. Architect
1899/00/00 Carpentier House in Ronse. Architect
1900/00/00 The 'A Innovation' store, Rue Neuve in Brussels (destroyed by fire in 1968). Architect
1900/05/00 Victor Horta's own residence is completed. Architect, Home Horta Museum Saint-Gilles, BE
1901/00/00 The Dubois house, 80 Brugmann Ave in Forest, Brussels. Architect
1901/00/00 The Roger mansion 459 Louise Avenue in Brussels (completely transformed). Architect
1901/00/00 The Braecke house, 31 Rue Abdication in Brussels. Architect
1901/03/00 Victor Horta's studio is finished. Architect, Work Horta Museum Saint-Gilles, BE
1902/00/00 The Max Hallet mansion, 346 Louise Avenue in Brussels. Architect
1903/00/00 The Museum of Fine Arts in Tournai (completed in 1928). Architect
1903/00/00 The Grand Bazaar Anspach in Frankfurt-am-Main (razed). Architect
1903/00/00 The Anspach store, Rue Gretry in Brussels (razed). Architect
1906/00/00 The Brugmann Hospital in Jette (completed in 1923). Architect
1906/00/00 Victor Horta and his first wife, Pauline, divorce. Groom
1906/00/00 The Waucquez store is built on Rue des Sables in Brussels. Architect Belgian Comic Strip Center, Brussels Brussels, BE
1908/00/00 Julia Maria Carlsson weds Victor Horta. a Physiotherapists, Julia was born in 1876, in Mora, Mora, Dalarna County, Sweden. Groom
1909/00/00 The Wolfers store, 11-13 Rue d'Arenberg in Brussels. Architect
1910/00/00 The architect Victor Horta is awarded the design of the Brussels Central Station. Architect
1911/00/00 Horat resigns from the Polytechnic Faculty of the Universite Libre de Bruxelles. Work
1912/00/00 Horta is given the task of reorganizing the courses at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. Work
1913/00/00 Horta is appointed director of the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels for a period of three years. Work
1916/00/00 Horta attends the 'Reconstruction of Belgium' congress in London. The German authorities learned about his journey. Unable to return home, Horta goes to America. Work
1919/00/00 Victor Horta's sells sells his house and studio and moves to Avenue Louise. Home Horta Museum Saint-Gilles, BE
1919/00/00 Horta is appointed professor at the Hoger Institute for Schone Kunsten in Antwerp. Work
1919/00/00 Horta draws the first plans for the Palace of Fine Arts in Brussels (inaugurated in 1928). Architect
1919/01/00 Victor Horta returns from America. Life
1925/00/00 Belgium's 'Pavilion of Honor' at the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris. Architect
1925/00/00 Horta is appointed director of the Fine Arts section of the Royal Academy of Belgium. Work
1928/00/00 Musee des Beaux-Arts in Tournai, Belgium opens. Architect
1929/00/00 Champieoned by Henry Le Boeuf, the Centre for Fine Arts opens in Brussels, Belgium. Architect
1932/00/00 For his services to the field of architecture, Victor Horta is made a baron by King Albert I of Belgium. Life
1937/00/00 Horta finalizes plans for the Central Station in Brussels. Architect
1939/00/00 Horta begins writing his Memoirs. Author
1945/00/00 Embittered, Victor Horta destroys nearly all his personal archives and drawings. Life
1947/09/08 Victor Pierre Horta dies in Brussels, Belgium. Died
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