Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Architect Bridge in Johnstown City Johnstown
Architect USS CASSIN YOUNG (destroyer) Boston
Architect US 281 Bridge at the Brazos River Santo
Architect USS THE SULLIVANS (destroyer) Buffalo, NY
Architect State Highway 27 Bridge at the South Llano River Junction
Architect Goldstream Dredge No 8 Fairbanks
Architect FE Company Dredge No 2 Fairbanks
Architect Julien Dubuque Bridge Dubuque
Architect FE Company Gold Dredge No 5 Fairbanks
Architect Bethlehem Steel Lehigh Plant Mill No 2 Annex Bethlehem
Architect Bridge 6 Johnson, VT
1913/00/00 Bethlehem Steel buys Fore River Shipyard
1930/00/00 Bethlehem Steel creates a new subsidy, Bethlehem Pacific Coast Steel Corp, and acquires Pacific Coast Steel and Southern California Iron and Steel
1940/07/01 Tacoma Narrows Bridge opens, costing more then $6 million to build Associate contractor, supplying and erecting the steel and wire Tacoma Narrows Bridge Ruins Tacoma
1946/09/27 Des Moines is launched Bethlehem Steel Company at the Fore River Shipyard, Quincy, Massachusetts. Decommissioned 6 July 1961, she was scrapped by ESCO Marine, Inc, Brownsville, TX on 16 August 2007. Architect
1979/00/00 Bethlehem Steel donates the Joanna Furnace Complex to the Hay Creek Valley Historical Association. Benefactor Joanna Furnace Complex Morgantown
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