Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Architect Kennedy Bridge Mankato, MN
Architect Goose River Bridge Hillsboro
Architect Caledonia Bridge Caledonia
Architect Bridge between East Manchester and Newberry Townships Conewago Heights
Architect Freeport Bowstring Arch Bridge Decorah
Architect Bridge in East Fallowfield Township Atlantic
Architect Bell Road Bridge Pinckney
Architect Bridge in Rockdale Township Millers Station
Architect Laughery Creek Bridge Aurora
Architect Bridge in Washington Township Kralltown
Architect Pott's Ford Bridge Glasco
Architect Germany Bridge Rochester
Architect Riley Creek Bridge Belleville
Architect Gholson Bridge Lawrenceville
Architect Linville Creek Bridge Broadway
Architect Spencer's Crossing Bridge Greeley
Architect Independence Bowstring Independence
Architect Twin Bridge Brownlee
Architect East Riley Creek Bridge Belleville
Architect Fourpoints Bridge Emmitsburg
Architect Brewer Bridge Valentine
Architect Poffenberger Road Bridge Middletown, MD
Architect Gilbert Bridge Grantham
Architect Mill Road Bowstring Bridge Bladensburg
Architect Gilbert Bridge Siddonsburg
Architect Third Street Bridge Canton
Architect Costilla Crossing Bridge Antonito
Architect Caledonia Bowstring Bridge Caledonia
Architect Four Mile Bridge Steamboat Springs
Architect White Bridge Poland Village
Architect Upper Paris Bridge Coggin
Architect Raritan Bridge Raritan
Architect Chain Lakes Bridge Hiawatha
Architect Mark Road Bridge Staunton
Architect Indian Creek Bridge Cedar Rapids
Architect Higginsville Road Bridges Hillsborough
Architect Pine Mill Bridge Muscatine
Architect Glenville Truss Bridge Glenville
Architect Wells Street Bridge Fort Wayne
Architect Lamb's Creek Bridge Martinsville, IN
Architect Lawrence Bridge Fort Atkinson
Architect Patoka Bridges Historic District Oakland City
Architect Cornelia Lake Bridge Clarion
Architect Delhi Bridge Scio Township
Architect Otterville Bridge Independence, IA
Architect Otter Creek Bridge Hazleton
Architect Taylor's Ford Bridge Independence, IA
Architect Parshallburg Bridge Oakley
1873/00/00 Kern Bridge, a wrought-iron, bowstring arch through truss bridge is erected on limestone abutments to carry a Twp Rd over the LeSueur River for a cost of $8,652 by John Mahowald and the Wrought Iron Bridge Company. Architect Kern Bridge Minneopa State Park, MN
1873/00/00 Turkey River Bridge is built to carry the Little Church Road over Turkey River, about 3 mi SE of Festina, Iowa. The Bowstring through arch-truss structure was razed and replaced in 2010. Architect
1874/00/00 Paw Paw Creek Bridge No 52 is erected to carry the N Paw Paw Pike over Paw Paw Creek in Richland Township SW of Roann, Indiana. The wrought iron, Bow-String arch bridge was demolished after being crushed by a falling tree. Architect
1874/00/00 Gilliece Bridge is erected by the Wrought Iron Bridge Co on a stone substructure built by Thomas Dwyer for a cost $6,969.47, NW of Bluffton, Iowa. The bowstring through arch and wrought-iron truss structure collapsed by an overweight truck 5 May 2017. Architect
1878/00/00 Upper Bluffton Bridge is erected over the Upper Iowa River on W Ravine Road in Bluffton, Iowa. The through truss structure was closed to traffic in 2009 and dismantled. The queenpost span is on private property and through truss span has been lost. Architect
1890/00/00 Built in 1890 by Wrought Iron Bridge, Fryer's Ford Bridge was erected in 1891 over E Fork Point Remove Creek on CR 67, Solgohachia, Conway County, Arkansas, Alfred Cook as stonemason. The through truss bridge was collapsed by an overloaded truck c 2011. Architect
1893/00/00 The Wrought Iron Bridge Co erects the Hall Bridge over the James River in Spink County, South Dakota. Later move to span a local road over the Snake Creek near Ashton, South Dakota DoT Bridge No 58-108-196 has since been lost. Architect
1897/00/00 Olive Branch Bridge is erected on W Stagecoach Road over Olive Brook, 1.7 mi SW of Sprague, Nebraska. The Warren truss leg bedstead structure has been lost. Architect
1900/07/00 One of 24 businesses listed in the American Architect and Building News, Wrought Iron Bridge Co of Canton, Ohio, is forged into the American Bridge Company. End
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