Groton Bridge Company

  • From 1887: Groton Bridge and Manufacturing Company
  • Originally Known As: Groton Iron Bridge Works
  • American

Architect - AsNotedIn


Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Engineer West Hickory Bridge West Hickory
Engineer Iron Bridge at Howard Hill Road Cavendish
Engineer West Woodstock Bridge Woodstock
Engineer Rorig Bridge Westfield
Architect Plata Bridge, Puerto Rico Naranjito
Engineer Caneadea Bridge Caneadea
Engineer Meadow Bridge Shelburne, NH
Engineer Blackford Bridge Lebanon
Engineer Town Line Bridge Taylor
1847/00/00 Daniel Spencer and Frederick Avery form the Groton Separator Works to manufacture agricultural implements. Genesis Groton, NY New York
1852/00/00 Brothers Charles and Lyman Perrigo establish the Groton Iron Works in Groton, New York. Genesis Groton, NY New York
1877/00/00 Perrigo and Avery incorporates as the Groton Iron Bridge Works to manufacture iron bridges using iron railroad rails in designs based on recent patents by members of their company. Established Groton, NY New York
1877/00/00 Designed by Oliver Avery Jr and Caleb Bartholomew, the Nubia Bridge is built from railroad rails and metal rods spanning Fall Creek on Elm Street Extension near Nubia. This bowstring truss bridge is the first of its kind, resulting in two new patents. Engineer Nubia Bridge Groton, NY
1885/00/00 Groton Iron Bridge erects more than 300 bridges between 1877 and 1885. Operation
1887/00/00 Groton Iron Bridge incorporates as the Groton Bridge and Manufacturing Co offering the manufacture of iron bridges, iron piling for bridges, portable steam engines, grain separators, hot air and steam air heaters and general repairing and job work. Established
1890/00/00 Goshen Land Company Bridge, a Pratt through truss bridge spanning the Calfpasture River near Goshen, in Rockbridge County, Virginia, is erected by the Groton Bridge Company. Engineer Goshen Land Company Bridge Goshen, VA
1895/00/00 The Groton Bridge Co erects the Allenwood River Bridge carried PA Rte 44 over the West Branch Susquehanna River in Northumberland and Union Counties, PA. The five-span, pin-connected Pratt through truss bridge was replaced with a concrete bridge 1990. Engineer
1900/04/00 Groton Bridge Company is purchased by the JP Morgan and Co's during the formation of the American Bridge Company. It will later be included in the 24 businesses listed in the AA and B News. Sold
1902/00/00 Brothers, Jay and Benn Conger, with manager E A Landon, buy the Groton Bridge Co back from American Bridge and expand the product line to include steel frames for buildings, smokestacks, water tanks and road graders. Bought
1910/00/00 The Groton Bridge Co fabricates the steel frame for Rand Hall on the North East of Cornell University's central campus in Ithaca, New York. Engineer
1916/00/00 E E Greenwood engineers the erection of the New Sharon Bridge to carry US Rt 2 over the Sandy River in New Sharon for the Maine highway commission. The long span, pinconnected truss bridge, built for $47,233.39, was razed on 27 February 2014. Engineer
1920/00/00 A struggling Groton Bridge Co is sold back to American Bridge. End
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