Daniel Chester French

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Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Significant name Chesterwood Stockbridge
Architect Green Hall, University of Kansas Lawrence
Architect Chesterwood Stockbridge
Architect Gallaudet College Historic District Washington, DC
Architect Hubbard-French District Concord, MA
Architect Washington Irving Memorial Greenburgh, NY
Architect US Court of Appeals-Fifth Circuit New Orleans
Architect US Customhouse New York City
Architect Brooklyn Museum New York City
Architect William Henry Seward Memorial Florida
1874/00/00 By September, The Minute Man statue is completed by Daniel French and a plaster version of the clay statue is sent to Ames Manufacturing Works in Chicopee, Massachusetts. Sculptor The Minute Man, Concord
1884/00/00 The Spirit of Life, bronze sculpture winged figure on the covered porch leading to the main entrance Sculptor St Paul's Episcopal Church, Stockbridge Stockbridge
1885/00/00 Daniel French attends St Paul's Episcopal Church, Stockbridge. Parishioner St Paul's Episcopal Church, Stockbridge Stockbridge
1888/00/00 Studio of Daniel Chester French is built in Greenwich Village Work Studio of Daniel Chester French New York City
1893/00/00 Daniel French's sculpture, Death and the Sculptor, is dedicated. The bronze sculpture marks the grave of the brothers Joseph, James and Martin Milmore. Sculptor Forest Hills Cemetery Boston
1897/00/00 James C Melvin of Boston commissions Daniel C French to design a memorial to his three brothers - Asa, John and Samuel Melvin - who died in the Civil War. Sculptor Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Concord, MA
1901/00/00 Sculptor The Indian and the Puritan Union Trust Company Building Providence, RI
1903/00/00 Vanderbilt's portals are installed. Sculptors designed the doors and the surrounding sculpture: Herbert Adams created the north doors, Daniel Chester French (with assistance from Andrew O'Connor) the central doors and Philip Martiny the south doors. Sculptor St Bartholomew's Church and Community House New York City
1910/00/00 French's "Jurisprudence" (Public Square corner) and "Commerce" (corner of E 3rd St and Superior Ave) sculptures are installed. Architect Howard M Metzenbaum US Courthouse Cleveland
1910/00/00 In the spring, just before sailing for Italy, Daniel Chester French completes a full-size model, the personification of "Memory", as a monument for the Field Grave at Graceland Cemetery in Chicago. Sculptor Field Memorial Marshall Field Grave Graceland Cemetery
1918/00/00 Daniel C French completes "The Black Angel" for the Ruth Anne Dodge Memorial in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Sculptor Ruth Anne Dodge Memorial Council Bluffs, IA
1920/00/00 A kneeling angel holding the baptismal bowl carved by the American sculptor Daniel Chester French resides in the baptistry at Emmanuel Episcopal Church. Sculptor Emmanuel Episcopal Church, B'More Baltimore, MD
1922/00/00 Built 1914-1922 Sculptor Abraham Lincoln Memorial Sculpture Lincoln Memorial Washington, DC

3 Creative Works by Daniel Chester French »

Title Type Association Y/M/D Moniker
Title Type Association Y/M/D Moniker
The Minute Man, Concord Sculptor Sculpture 1874/00/00
  • 300 or So Notable Sculpture
The Indian and the Puritan Sculptor Sculpture 1901/00/00
Abraham Lincoln Memorial Sculpture Sculptor Sculpture 1922/00/00
  • 300 or So Notable Sculpture

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