Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Architect Davis Square Chicago
Architect Armour Square Chicago
Architect Cornell Square Chicago
Architect Palmer Park Chicago
Architect Marshall-Wells Company Warehouse No 2 Portland
Architect Detroit Financial District Detroit
Architect Pennsylvania Railroad Station Pittsburgh
Architect Union Trust Building Cincinnati, OH
Architect Continental Trust Company Building Baltimore, MD
Architect Highland Building Pittsburgh
Architect Scanlan Building Houston, TX
Architect Boyce Building Chicago
Architect Duluth Civic Center Historic District Duluth, MN
Architect Putnam-Parker Building Davenport
Architect Peoples Gas Building Chicago
Architect Conway Building Chicago
Architect Railway Exchange Building, Chicago Chicago
Architect Field Museum of Natural History Chicago
Architect Central National Park Building Peoria
Architect Sherman Park Chicago
Architect Merchants National Bank and Annex Indianapolis
Architect Yazoo And Mississippi Valley Depot Vicksburg
Architect Wyandotte Building Columbus
Architect Flatiron Building New York City
Architect May Company Cleveland
Architect Alms and Doepke Dry Goods Company Cincinnati, OH
Architect Fleming Building Des Moines
Architect Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company Chicago
Architect Reliance Building Chicago
Architect Fuller Park Chicago
1895/00/00 The Toledo Traction Company Power Station is built to accommodate a merger by various Toledo electric utilities companies. It is one of the largest power plants in the Midwest. Architect Toledo Traction Company Power Station Toledo, OH
1897/00/00 Columbus Union Station is built, arcade entrance completed in 1899 Architect Union Station Entrance Columbus
1898/00/00 Land Title Building 15 story northern tower is built Architect Land Title Building Philadelphia, PA
1904/12/14 Opening night at Orchestra Hall, built for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Architect Orchestra Hall Chicago
1905/00/00 Rockford Trust Building at 100-108 S Main St was built in 1905, designed by D H Burnham and company Architect West Downtown Rockford Historic District Rockford, IL
1907/00/00 Wanamaker builds 770 Broadway and connects it to the Stewart building via an enclosed bridge and a tunnel under 9th St, 1903-1907. In the new building they sold decorations, menswear and furnishings and women's merchandise from the Stewart building. Architect Wanamaker's Department Store New York City
1912/00/00 Architect Filene's Department Store Boston
1914/04/00 First National Bank building opens at 735 N Water St (City Center 735) opens. 10,000 Milwaukeeans toured the building. Architect East Side Commercial Historic District Milwaukee
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