Tiffany Studios

  • 1900 to 1902: Allied Arts
  • 1878 to 1885: Louis C Tiffany and Company
  • 1892 to 1900: Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company
  • 1885 to 1892: Tiffany Glass Company
  • 1902 to 1932: Tiffany Studios
  • American

Glass studios and foundry led by Louis Comfort Tiffany. - AsNotedIn

Notable Position Person From To
Founder Louis Comfort Tiffany 1878
Studio Associate Francis Davis Millet
Designer, Director of mosaic workshops Jacob Adolphus Holzer 1898
Designer, Chief window designer, Head of the Ecclesiastical Department Frederick Wilson (artist) 1893 1923
Apprentice Henry Keck of Syracuse 1880 1895


Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Artisan St Luke's Methodist Episcopal Church Dubuque
Artisan Church of the Holy Communion Norwood
Artisan Gardner Earl Memorial Chapel and Crematorium Troy
1855/00/00 Third church sanctuary built, includes seven signed Tiffany stained glass windows Artisan Trinity Episcopal Church Staunton, VA
1873/05/26 Eliot Congregational Chapel dedicated Artisan Eliot Congregational Church Boston
1877/00/00 Current First Church, 5th on the site, is built of sandstone, includes several Tiffany windows Artisan First Churches of Northampton Northampton, MA
1880/00/00 Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church is built in phases between 1873 and 1880. The window was made by the Tiffany studios of New York. Artisan Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church City of Rochester
1881/00/00 The fourth and current St Thomas' Church is consecrated in 1881 and appears largely the same today. There are 20 stained glass windows in the church, produced in England, Germany, and Philadelphia, and one from the Tiffany Studios Artisan St Thomas' Church, Whitemarsh Fort Washington, PA
1884/00/00 St Paul's Episcopal Church built Artisan St Paul's Episcopal Church Milwaukee
1885/00/00 The Tiffany Glass Company of New York designs several stained glass windows and provide the wallpapers and fabrics for the redecorated interiors. Artisans Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller Mansion and Gardens Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park
1887/00/00 Four windows are produced by La Farge along with five by Tiffany Studios and others by William Gibson, Hardman and Company and Mayer Studios of Munich, installed between 1887 and 1897. Artisan Trinity Episcopal Church Buffalo, NY
1887/00/00 Memorial for Edwin Stanton and triptych window over the altar feature saints of African descent. Artisan St Mary's Episcopal Church Washington, DC
1888/00/00 Nave and 4th St facade are built per Redin's plans from 1886-1888 by Henry McDonald of McDonald Brothers. Stained-glass windows include LC Tiffany's "Ascension" over the altar, "Charity" NE lancet window and SE lancet "The Good Shepherd". Artisan Calvary Episcopal Church Louisville, KY
1889/00/00 Opal stained-glass rose windows by Tiffany Brothers Studios. Artisan United Methodist Church Brookhaven, NY
1890/00/00 First Unitarian Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, is completed with several Tiffany windows and a distinctive wood-carved pulpit. Artisans First Congregational-Unitarian Church Cincinnati, OH
1893/00/00 Visiting New York and Chicago, Julius Lessing buys a few favrile vases and five lamps for the Kunstgewerbe Museum of Berlin saying that the Tiffany Glass and Decorating Co was "one of the most inventive art industries of the world." Artisan Berlin Germany
1894/00/00 Six Tiffany windows, which appear on Tiffany's pencil list in 1894, are installed. Artisan Trinity Episcopal Church Portsmouth
1894/00/00 Willard Chapel is finished by Tiffany's with 14 opalescent windows, a rose window, 9 Mooresque chandeliers, memorial tablets of glass mosaic tile and gilt bronze, furnishings of oak inlaid with glass mosaic, a gold leaf stenciled ceiling and mosaic floor. Artisan Willard Memorial Chapel-Welch Memorial Hall Auburn, NY
1895/00/00 Sanctuary of Central Congregational Church is redecorated by Tiffany Glass and Decorating Co with stained-glass windows and mosaics. Artisan Central Congregational Church Boston
1896/01/00 Two stained glass windows by Tiffany are installed on the west wall of Epworth Church, flanking a window that depicts the Ascension. Artisan Epworth United Methodist Church Norfolk
1897/00/00 A large stone neo-classical library is erected with wide marble staircases and Tiffany windows. Artisan Troy Public Library Troy
1897/00/00 Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company's 40-foot-diameter glass dome is install in Preston Bradley Hall. Artisan Chicago Cultural Center Chicago
1898/00/00 The Tiffany Glass and Decorating Co create a stained glass window for the south transept. The blue-green glass of this window and the contoured drapery of the figure of Christ are outstanding examples of Tiffany's use of color and texture in windows. Artisan Christ Church of LaCrosse La Crosse
1898/10/00 Designed by a New York firm, a mausoleum is built of granite and marble at the Hollywood Cemetery. Funded by the executors of Ginter's estate, estimated at $12 million at one point, the edifice includes three Tiffany stained glass windows. Artisan Lewis Ginter Mausoleum, Hollywood Cemetery Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond
1900/00/00 Christ Church Cathedral installs 15 stained glass memorial windows between 1886 and 1905, including 5 by Louis Comfort Tiffany: The Angel of the Chants, The Good Samaritan, The Purple Cross and two title "Resurrection Angel". Artisan Christ Church Cathedral Louisville, KY
1901/07/00 Two Tiffany stained glass windows, currently installed by the main altar in Holy Angels Roman Catholic Church, are exhibited at the Pan-American Exposition in 1901. Artisan Holy Angels Church (Buffalo, NY) Buffalo, NY 1901 Pan-American Exposition
1903/00/00 The chancel is renovated. The reredos is moved to the back of the church and a new Tiffany reredos is installed at the east wall. Aisle windows by Tiffany Studios of New York City and Clayton and Bell Studios are installed. Artisans St Paul's Protestant Episcopal Church Baltimore, MD
1904/07/00 Charles Ireland buys a Tiffany stain-glass window for his Greensboro home at the St Louis World's Fair. Artisan Charles H Ireland House Greensboro Louisiana Purchase Exposition
1905/00/00 Chancel decorations are crafted by Tiffany. The design in the half-dome was originally blue sky with gold stars and a golden sunburst. Artisan St Michael's Episcopal Church Charleston, SC
1905/03/25 Late on the night of March 25, Charles Boyd Curtis dies unexpectedly in his 54th St home. He was buried in Greenwood Cemetery where Isabel erected a 20-foot tall Celtic cross created by Tiffany Studios to mark his grave. Artisan Green-Wood Cemetery New York City
1907/00/00 Woodruff House is decorated with pine painted to look like mahogany, Oriental Rugs and Tiffany stained Glass. Artisans Woodruff-Riter House Salt Lake City
1907/00/00 Using marble, mosaic and glass reredos in blue and gold the Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company decorates St Michael's chancel from 1893 to 1907. The 7 panel depiction of St Michael's Victory in Heaven is made of stained glass and mosaic tile. Artisan St Michael's Church New York City
1908/00/00 The steel framed Battle House Royale is completed. The hotel lobby domed skylight is original. The Trellis Room ceiling is barrel vaulted features a Tiffany glass skylight. Craftsman Battle House Royale Mobile
1909/00/00 Christ's Come Unto Me stain glass window is installed in the First Presbyterian Church, Leavenworth. Artisan First Presbyterian Church, Leavenworth Leavenworth
1912/00/00 North wing of Brennan house (office and waiting and exam rooms) is built for Dr J A O Brennan. The waiting room has a signed Tiffany Daffodil Table Lamp. Artisan Ronald-Brennan House Louisville, KY
1913/00/00 First Church in Albany's Sanctuary is redecorated following Tiffany Studios design: green stained-glass windows, green walls with stenciling, chancel woodwork and wood-glass screen at rear, 1910-1913. Decorators First Reformed Church Albany
1914/00/00 During renovations, a new glass skylight by Tiffany Studios is installed in the chancel dome and the aisles and chancel area are covered with terra cotta tiles made by the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works. Artisan Church of the Holy Trinity Philadelphia, PA
1920/00/00 Owner, J A Wigmore, enlarges his home and adds a Tiffany dome in the solarium. An outer skylight protects the elegant Tiffany glass. Artisan Wigmore Baker Residence Lakewood
1922/00/00 Huge Tiffany mosaic is installed on a wall in St Michael's side chapel. Artisan St Michael's Church New York City
1930/00/00 Bookshelves that line the walls on the main floor are installed and the bronze lanterns created by Tiffany Studios in New York are added to the front door. Artisan Dr Joseph Priestley House Northumberland
1939/05/00 Touted as its largest deluxe model, Jerry O'Mahony exhibits a diner at the New York World's Fair featuring chrome glass, green Italian Marble countertops, Tiffany glass clerestory windows in a monitor style roof and quarry tiled floor. Craftsmen O'Mahony Dining Car No 1107 Oakley 1939 New York World's Fair
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