Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Architect Howard Longley House South Pasadena
Architect John T Greene House Sacramento
Architect Oaklawn Bridge and Waiting Station South Pasadena
Architect Mortimer Green Gables-Fleischhacker Country House Woodside
Architect Ernest W Smith House Pasadena, CA
Architect Cordelia A Culbertson House Pasadena, CA
Architect William R Thorsen House Berkeley
Architect Robert R Blacker House Pasadena, CA
1904/00/00 Reeve House is built for civic leader Jennie A Reeve, 1903-1904. Greene and Greene designed the furniture (freestanding and built-in), lighting fixtures, leaded-glass designs, woodcarving and landscape. Architect Jennie A Reeve House Long Beach
1904/00/00 Six-bedroom, three-story Chalet style Garfield House is built for Lucretia R Garfield. Architect Garfield House South Pasadena
1905/00/00 Oceanfront house is built for Adelaide Tichenor. The thematic stageset was inspired by the owner's love of Japan, Charles Greene's interest in the art and philosophies of Asia and the pavilions at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. Architect Adelaide Tichenor House Long Beach
1908/00/00 Construction begins on the Gamble House. Architect Gamble House Pasadena, CA
1909/00/00 Architect Charles M Pratt House Ojai
1910/08/18 Construction of the Merrill House, built for Samuel Merrill Jr, is announced in Los Angeles Builder and Contractor. Architect Samuel Merrill House Pasadena, CA
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