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Born in 1764 near Leeds, England, Latrobe studied architecture under Samuel Pepys Cockerell and engineering under John Smeaton. He emigrated in 1796 and began his American career in Virginia before settling in Philadelphia. There he designed the Bank of Pennsylvania (demolished 1868), the first neoclassical building in the United States to display a Grecian order. He is also known for designing St John's Church in Lafayette Square in Washington, DC. In 1820 he died in New Orleans, where he had gone to build the city's municipal water system. - US Architect of the Capital

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Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Architect Louisiana State Bank Building New Orleans
Architect Ashland Lexington, KY
Architect Christ Church, Washington Parish Washington, DC
Architect Latrobe Gate Washington Navy Yard
Architect Latrobe Gate Washington, DC
Architect Moses Myers House Norfolk
Architect St Paul's Episcopal Church Alexandria
Architect Long Branch Millwood, VA
Architect Burlington County Prison Mount Holly
Architect Belvidere Belmont
Architect S Bridge II New Concord
Architect Taft Museum of Art Cincinnati, OH
1764/05/01 Benjamin Henry Boneval Latrobe is born at the Fulneck Moravian Settlement, near Pudsey. No 34 Fulneck was the home of Benjamin Latrobe from 1764 to 1820. Born Fulneck Moravian Chapel and Brethrens' and Sisters' Houses Leeds
1792/00/00 Hammerwood Lodge is built in the Greek Revival architectural style. Architect Hammerwood Park Forest Row
1794/00/00 Ashdown House is completed in 1794. Architect Ashdown House School Forest Row
1796/00/00 William L Lee hires Benjamin Latrobe to study Green Spring. He makes a watercolor sketch of the mansion, but finds the it unsuitable. Lee has Green Spring dismantled and later builds a house about 300 feet behind the original, it burn in the Civil War. Consulting Architect Green Spring Williamsburg
1801/00/00 Bank of Pennsylvania is built on S 2nd St, Philadelphia from 1798 to 1801 (demolished c 1870), beginning the Greek Revival movement in American architecture. Architect Civil War Memorial Adrian
1802/03/02 Nassau Hall is virtually destroyed by a fire. It was rebuilt by Benjamin Latrobe. Architect Nassau Hall, Princeton University Princeton
1803/03/00 Benjamin H Latrobe is hired as the Surveyor of Public Buildings by Thomas Jefferson, a position he held until 1811. He constructs the US Capitol South Wing. Architect United States Capitol Washington, DC
1803/04/00 Latrobe's first project at the White House is to replace a leaking slate roof that lets in buckets of water into the house. Architect White House Executive Residence The White House
1803/05/00 Latrobe, accepting the commission without a fee, submits preliminary drawings in mid May for Dickinson's New College building. Architect Old West, Dickinson College Carlisle, PA
1804/06/00 Digging for the west wing begins in the summer. Jefferson proposed attached service wings, expanded east and west as needed, or as funded, until they join the Treasury Department building and the War Department building. Architect White House Executive Residence The White House
1806/00/00 Baltimore Basilica is built between 1806 and 1821. Architect Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Baltimore, MD
1806/00/00 Benjamin Henry Latrobe designs Adena, 1805-1806 Architect Adena (Thomas Worthington House) Chillicothe
1811/00/00 Benjamin H Latrobe designs a Federal Style brick house for John and Eliza Pope in Lexington, KY. Architect Sen John and Eliza Pope House Lexington, KY
1815/00/00 Latrobe designs the US Senate Chamber and supervises its construction 1815-1819 Architect Old Senate Chamber United States Capitol
1815/04/18 Benjamin Latrobe, Second Architect of the US Capitol 1815-1817 Architect United States Capitol Washington, DC
1816/00/00 Designed by Benj Latrobe, St John's is built under his supervision. He declined to receive any compensation but the vestry voted him a pew free of rent. This he declined, expressing his preference for some token that he might transmit to his children. Architect St John's Church Washington, DC
1817/06/00 Benjamin Latrobe designs a residence for Stephen and Susan Decatur. "If the house should be occupied by a foreign Minister, I would also recommend the addition of a slight one story-room, for a servants hall." - BHL Architect Decatur House Washington, DC
1820/09/03 Benjamin Henry Latrobe dies in New Orleans of Yellow Fever. He is buried in the Protestant section of the Saint Louis Cemetery. Died St Louis Cemetery No 1 New Orleans
1870/07/04 Civil War Memorial is unveiled. Latrobe incorporated a column from the Bank of Pennsylvania's eastern portico into Civil War monument. Architect Civil War Memorial Adrian
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