Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1848/11/03 Francis Davis Millet is born to Asa and Huldah Byram Millet at 7 Water Street in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. Born Mattapoisett Massachusetts Francis Davis Millet's Birthday
1864/07/08 Francis Millet enlist in the 60th Massachusetts Militia as a Private Military
1876/00/00 Francis Millet paints Mary Ogden Adams, on display in the Memorial Room of the Old House Artist The Old House at Peacefield Quincy
1876/06/00 Francis Millet reports on the Centennial Exposition for the Boston Daily Advertiser. Journalist Centennial Exposition
1876/11/00 Working for LaFarge, Francis Millet paints murals at Trinity Church using a magic lantern to project photographs of the small preparatory drawings onto a wall. Where are murals? One may have been rediscover in 2004. Painter Trinity Church, Boston Boston
1879/00/00 Francis Davis Millet and Elizabeth Merrill marry in Montmartre, Paris, France Groom Montmartre, FR Marriage of Elizabeth Merrill and Francis Davis Millet
1884/00/00 F D Millet paints "A Cosey Corner" (The Met 5th Avenue, NYC). Several features of the room correspond to the colonial New England kitchen in his East Bridgewater, MA studio. Built in 1791, the studio is a private home at 54 Plymouth Street. Painter East Bridgewater Common Historic District East Bridgewater
1884/00/00 Stained glass window, CHRISTIAN WARRIOR AS A KNIGHT IN ARMOR, by Francis D Millet is installed at St Paul's Artist St Paul's Episcopal Church, Stockbridge Stockbridge
1892/00/00 Francis Millet becomes Director of Decoration of the Columbian Exposition. Millet will develop spray paint to paint the buildings quickly. Decorations Director Jackson Urban Park, Chicago Chicago World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago
1897/00/00 Designed by Healy and Millet, the Tiffany glass dome with about 50,000 pieces of glass in an intricate Renaissance pattern is install in Preston Bradley Hall. Artisan Chicago Cultural Center Chicago
1907/00/00 Francis Millet paints the murals 'Entering the Harbour' and 'The Evolution of Navigation' on the ceiling of the Call Room in the Baltimore Custom House Painter US Custom House Baltimore, MD
1908/00/00 Francis Millet, and three assistants, spend more than a year painting 'The Development of Civilization in America' mural for the Cleveland Trust rotunda Painter Cleveland Trust Company Cleveland
1912/04/10 Francis Millet boards the RMS Titanic in Cherbourg, France with ticket No 13509. Cherbourg Normandy Sinking of the RMS Titanic
1912/04/15 RMS TITANIC's stern rises high into the air, the lights go out and the great liner descends into the frigid waters of the North Atlantic. Lost at sea Sinking of the RMS Titanic
1912/05/02 Funeral services for Francis Millet are held in the chapel at Mount Auburn Cemetery In Memoriam Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge Cambridge, MA Sinking of the RMS Titanic
1912/05/03 Rev B J Bolvin presides over Francis Davis Millet's funeral service in the First Parish Church at 50 School St, in East Bridgewater. In Memoriam East Bridgewater Common Historic District East Bridgewater
1912/05/03 Francis Davis Millet is laid to rest at Cemetery, 170 Central St, East Bridgewater, MA. In Memoriam East Bridgewater Common Historic District East Bridgewater
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