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Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1859/10/09 Alfred Dreyfus is born in Mulhouse, Alsace, to Raphael and Jeannette Dreyfus (nee Libmann). Raphael Dreyfus was a prosperous, self-made, Jewish textile manufacturer who had started as a peddler. Born
1871/00/00 After the Franco-Prussian War, Dreyfus family moves to Paris due to the German annexation of Alsace-Lorraine. Life
1893/01/00 Captain Alfred Dreyfus, an artillery officer on the General Staff becomes a probationary officer and is rotated through most of the bureaus of the Ministry of War. Work
1894/10/15 Captain Alfred Dreyfus is arrested for conspiring with the enemy and is told he will be brought before a Court Martial. He is imprisoned at the Cherche-Midi military prison in Paris (used from 1851 until 1947, demolished in 1966). Accused Dreyfus Affair
1894/10/15 Captain Dreyfus leaves his apartment at 6 Ave du Trocadero (now Ave du President Wilson), passes through the Place d'Alma, crosses the Seine over Alma Bridge, and walks to army headquarters on Rue Saint-Dominique at the summons of General Mercier. Accused Dreyfus Affair
1894/12/22 After several hours of deliberation at the Cherche-Midi (demolished in 1966), seven judges unanimously convict Alfred Dreyfus of collusion with a foreign power and is condemned to perpetual deportation and military degradation. Accused Dreyfus Affair
1895/01/05 Captain Dreyfus's degradation takes place in the Morlan Court of the Military School. A warrant-officer strips him of his badges, numbers and stripes, then draws Dreyfus' sword from its scabbard and breaks it across his knee. Accused Ecole Militaire Paris Dreyfus Affair
1895/03/12 After 15 day voyage, Alfred Dreyfus's ship anchors near the Iles du Salut off the coast of French Guiana. Accused French Guiana France Dreyfus Affair
1895/04/13 Dreyfus is transferred to Devil's Island, where he will be placed in solitary confinement. Accused Dreyfus Affair
1895/04/14 Alfred Dreyfus is transferred to Devil's Island. Except for his guards, he was the only inhabitant of the island and he lived in a stone hut. He is barred from receiving letters and food packages from home. Accused Devil's Island French Guiana Dreyfus Affair
1896/09/06 On Sept 6th, Dreyfus is shackled and confined to his hut. On Sept 7th, he is barred from receiving letters and food packages from home. Accused Devil's Island French Guiana Dreyfus Affair
1906/00/00 Captain Alfred Dreyfus rehabilitation ceremony takes place in the Cour Jardin of the Military School, Paris. Accused Ecole Militaire Paris Dreyfus Affair
1906/10/15 Colonel Dreyfus resumes his command of an artillery unit at Vincennes. French Artillery Colonel Chateau de Vincennes Paris Dreyfus Affair
1917/00/00 Reserve Officer Alfred Dreyfus, serves at the front during WWI at the Chemin des Dames and Verdun. His son Pierre is gassed. Mathieu's son, Emile, and his son-in-law - Adolphe, Joseph Reinach's son - both die in combat. French Artillery Colonel Verdun Forts Circuit Verdun Dreyfus Affair
1935/07/12 Alfred Dreyfus dies of a heart attack in Paris. Died
1935/07/14 Alfred Dreyfus' cortege passes the Place de la Concorde through the ranks of troops assembled for the Bastille Day national holiday. In Memoriam Place de la Concorde Paris Dreyfus Affair
1935/07/14 Alfred Dreyfus is laid to rest in Paris. He is buried in a vault underneath the family's tomb in Montparnasse Cemetery. In Memoriam Montparnasse Cemetery Paris
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