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Frederick Law Olmsted (1822-1903) is recognized as the founder of American landscape architecture and the nation's foremost parkmaker. Olmsted moved his home to suburban Boston in 1883 and established the world's first full-scale professional office for the practice of landscape design. During the next century, his sons and successors perpetuated Olmsted's design ideals, philosophy, and influence. - NPS

Notable Position Organization From To
Partner Vaux, Withers and Co 1872
Partner Olmsted, Vaux and Company 1865 1872
Partner F L Olmsted and Co 1889 1893
Founder Olmsted, Olmsted and Eliot 1893 1897


Themes with Frederick Law Olmsted Sr


Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Architect Delaware Park-Front Park System Buffalo, NY
Landscape Architect Beacon Street Historic District Brookline, MA
Architect Druid Hills Historic District Atlanta, GA
Architect Druid Hills Parks and Parkways Atlanta, GA
Architect Eastern Parkway New York City
Architect Ocean Parkway New York City
Architect Central Park, NYC Uptown
Architect Lynn Woods Historic District Lynn, MA
Architect West Village Historic District Buffalo, NY
Architect Charlestown Heights Boston
Architect Sudbrook Park Pikesville
Architect Allentown Historic District Buffalo, NY
Architect Landward House Louisville, KY
Architect Washington Park Historic District Albany
Architect Yosemite Valley
Architect Olmstead Park System Louisville, KY
Architect Point Chautauqua Historic District Maryville
Architect Bushnell Park Hartford
Architect North Easton Historic District Easton
Architect Beardsley Park Bridgeport, CT
Architect HH Richardson Historic District of North Easton Easton
Architect Theodore Roosevelt Island National Memorial Washington, DC
Architect Roxbury High Fort Boston
Architect Kentmere Parkway Wilmington, DE
Architect Robert Treat Paine Jr House, Waltham Waltham, MA
Architect Olmsted Park System Brookline, MA
Architect Falmouth Village Green Historic District Falmouth, MA
Architect Olmsted Park System Boston
Architect Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial Lincoln City
Architect Fisher Hill Historic District Brookline, MA
Architect Biltmore Shoe Store Asheville
Architect Vandergrift Historic District Vandergrift
Architect Lawrence Township Historic District Lawrence Township
Architect Lawrenceville School Lawrence Township
Architect Lincoln Institute Complex Simpsonville
Architect Walnut Hill Park New Britain
Architect Reid Hall, Manhattanville College Purchase, NY
Architect Seaside Park Bridgeport, CT
Architect Belle Isle Detroit
Architect Hotel Henry Buffalo, NY
Architect Arbor Lodge Nebraska City
Architect Martin Luther King Jr Park Buffalo, NY
Architect Seneca Park East and West City of Rochester
Architect Washington Park Chicago
Architect Pinehurst Historic District Pinehurst
Architect Old Harbor Reservation Parkways, Metropolitan Park System of Greater Boston Boston
Architect Wilcox Park Historic District Westerly, RI
Architect Montauk Association Historic District Montauk
Architect Parkside West Historic District Buffalo, NY
Architect Casino-Congress Park-Circular Street Historic District Saratoga Springs, NY
Architect Cazenovia Park-South Park System Buffalo, NY
1822/04/26 Frederick Law Olmsted is born in Hartford, Connecticut to Charlotte Law (Hull) Olmsted and John Olmsted, a prosperous merchant. Born Frederick Law Olmsted's Birthday
1850/04/27 John and F L Olmsted travel to England. Fredrick is especially impressed with the landscape in Birkenhead Park, the first publicly funded park in Britain. Visitor Remains Of Birkenhead Priory Birkenhead
1851/01/00 After courting Emily on and off for years, Fred Olmsted pursues marriage with Emily Perkins. Taking her to literary evenings and book clubs on his visits to Hartford and for rides in a horse-drawn cutter over the ice. Beau Marriage of Emily Baldwin Perkins and Edward Everett Hale
1853/06/14 The New York Times reports how, after getting lost looking for the nearby White Hall Plantation, Frederick Law Olmsted visits Dublin plantation. Visitor Richmond Hill Plantation Richmond Hill
1867/10/19 Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, Prospect Park is established. Architect Prospect Park New York City
1870/00/00 Riverside, Illinois is established, the 1600 acre community was built 1868 to 1870 Architect Riverside Landscape Architecture District Riverside
1874/06/00 Not realizing the difficulties involved in establishing an arboretum, Sargent writes to Frederick Olmsted that the City of Boston might provide the needed money. For the rest of their careers, Olmsted and Sargent will remain frequent collaborators. Landscape Architect Arnold Arboretum Boston
1875/00/00 From 1872 to 1874, the Asylum commissions Frederick Olmsted and a civil engineer Joseph Curtis to conduct site surveys on a new location for the hospital. In 1875, the Trustees buy 107 acres on Wellington Hill in Belmont from the Waverley Land Company. Work McLean Hospital National Register District Belmont, MA
1875/00/00 Designed by Frederick Olmsted, Charles Butler builds gardens and greenhouses (lost) on his Fox Meadow Estate in the 1870's partly as a worthwhile hobby for an invalid son. Landscape Architect Wayside Cottage, Junior League of Central Westchester Scarsdale, NY
1880/00/00 278 Warren St, 1880, George Harvey architect. Bertol Schlesinger hires Frederick Law Olmsted Sr to landscape his estate, Southwood, in 1879. Completed between 1880 and 1890, the grounds helped established the reputation of the firm in Brookline. Landscape Architect Green Hill Historic District Brookline, MA
1883/00/00 Home Frederick Law Olmsted House, National Historic Site Brookline, MA
1886/00/00 The landscaped around the Vanderbilt mausoleum install per a design by Frederick L Olmsted. Landscape Architect Moravian Cemetery, Staten Island New York City
1887/00/00 William Cutting begins planting his conifer collection based on plans by the landscape architectural firm of Frederick Law Olmstead Architect Bayard Cutting Arboretum Islip, NY
1892/10/12 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago is dedicated, celebrating the 400th anniversary of Columbus arriving in the New World. Due to construction delays, the Chicago World's Fair will not not open until May, 1893. Landscape Architect Jackson Urban Park, Chicago Chicago World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago
1893/00/00 A contract is signed in 1893, with Moses Williams, an Olmsted client and neighbor, serving as the head of the building committee for the Olmsted firm to advise landscape development. Frederick Law Olmsted Sr donates most of the plant material. Benefactor First Parish Unitarian Church Brookline, MA
1893/00/00 Wooded Island is developed as the focal point of the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Landscape Architect Wooded Island Jackson Urban Park, Chicago World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago
1894/05/08 A state law provides for a commission to plan for laying out, acquiring and maintaining public open space. One of this commission's first acts was to hire Olmsted, Olmsted and Eliot, with the goal of obtaining the personal services of F L Olmsted Sr. Landscape architect Anderson Park Montclair
1895/00/00 Frederick Law Olmsted - created Sitter Frederick Law Olmsted
1895/00/00 Olmsted designs a garden near the house, an 80000 acres Forest (Pisgah National Forest) and a 9 mile arboretum from the house to the French Broad river and back Architect Biltmore Estate Asheville
1897/06/00 Frederick and Mary Olmsted move into their summer retirement home. Frederick Olmsted's mental heath continues to deteriorate. Home Frederick Law Olmsted Summer Home Sunset
1898/00/00 Due to increasing senility, Frederick Law Olmsted is admitted to McLean Hospital in Massachusetts. Health McLean Hospital National Register District Belmont, MA
1903/08/28 Frederick Law Olmsted passes away at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts. Died McLean Hospital National Register District Belmont, MA
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