Henry Clay

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Henry Clay Sr (12 April 1777 - 29 June 1852) was an American lawyer, US Senator, US Secretary of State and US Representative from Kentucky. - AsNotedIn


Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Significant name Clay, Henry, Law Office Lexington
Significant name Clark County Courthouse Winchester
Architect Clay, Henry, Law Office Lexington
Spent the night Colby Tavern Winchester
1799/00/00 Colonel William H S Field is found guilty of murdering his wife, Sally Field, despite a defense provided by Henry Clay whose mother's farm adjoined Field's. Shortly after his execution,female slave confessed to the crime. Defence Attorney Death of Colonel William H S Field
1804/00/00 Henry Clay begins buying land for his estate Owner Ashland Lexington
1825/04/25 Henry Clay ask a friend if he would ascertain from Mr Caldwell (who I understand is a gentleman of the profession) what is the lowest rent what he would be willing to receive for the house for a term of three or four years. Life Arts Club of Washington Washington, DC
1834/00/00 Old Morrison is built in 1834. In his will, Col James Morrison bequeaths $40,000-$50,000 to the University to build a new building with Henry Clay as the executor of his will. Work Old Morrison, Transylvania College Lexington
1838/00/00 Senator Henry Clay of Kentucky teaches Capt Frederick Marryat the proper way to mix a Mint Julep, at the old Willard Hotel, Washington DC. Life Willard Hotel Washington, DC Mint Julep
1844/05/01 Samuel F B Morse demonstrates his telegraph by he sending the news that the Whig Party has nominated Henry Clay for US President from the party's convention in Baltimore to the Capitol Building. Whig Nominee Invention of the Telegraph
1847/03/17 Rev James Craik, DD delivers the dedicatory address at the cornerstone laying ceremony at Christ Church Cathedral, present church. Pew-holder and Contributor Christ Church Cathedral Louisville, KY
1847/06/22 In Ashland's parlor, Edward Berkley baptizes Henry Clay, his daughter-in-law, Mrs Thomas H Clay and four of her children in the Protestant Episcopal Church. Mr Clay did not want to take the vows of a follower of Christ until after retiring from politics. Faith Ashland Lexington
1850/00/00 Henry Clay often visits Calvert at Riversdale, staying in the northeast bedroom. Tradition maintains that he wrote a draft for the Compromise of 1850 while in that room. Guest Riversdale Riverdale Park Compromise of 1850
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