Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1912/09/23 Theodore Wells Pietsch II is born to Theodore Wells Pietsch I and Gertrude Carroll Zell (1888-1968). Born
1934/00/00 Late 1934, Pietsch leaves Baltimore to work under Ken Lee as a draftsman for Chrysler. His first major assignment is to lead the design of the "Ken Lee Research Car," an experimental small car that later will become the "Star Car 2." Work
1936/00/00 Ferdinand Porsche makes several visits to Chrysler. Herr Porsche may have copied the design of the roofline, door and front end of his Volkswagen People's Car from Ted Pietsch's "Star Car 2". Work
1940/00/00 Ted Pietsch leaves Chrysler to work as the Senior Designer at the Hudson Motor Car Company. He made "quick-idea" sketches, color renderings in a variety of media, scale and full-size layouts and rough sketching in three-dimensional clay models. Designer
1942/00/00 T Pietsch draws airplane assemblies from blueprints and air-brush retouches photographs of mechanical parts of an anti-aircraft gun. He also spends years interpreting the blueprints for the B-29. Designer
1944/09/00 Pietsch works for Briggs Manufacturing Co designing automotive bodies for Packard and Chrysler. Early projects include the Packard Clipper and special sedans design for Walter P Chrysler and W O Briggs, none of which were built. Designer
1945/03/06 Future systematist and evolutionary biologist, Theodore Wells Pietsch III, is born. Father
1947/11/00 Pietsch begins working at the Ford Motor Car Company, staying until 1950. Designer
1950/00/00 Pietsch rejoins Chrysler to work for Virgil Exner. Pietsch plays a key role in Chrysler's colaboration with Italian auto makers Pinin Farina in 1950 and Carrozzeria Ghia of Turin in 1951. Designer
1952/00/00 Theodore Pietsch works in styling for Raymond Loewyand Associates under Bob Bourke and Bob Koto at the old Chippewa Ave Studebaker truck plant in South Bend. Industrial Designer South Bend Indiana
1953/00/00 By 1953, a half a dozen Italian-built Chrysler show-cars have been created. Designer
1955/00/00 Ted Pietsch becomes "Manager Studebaker President Exterior Studio," and a year later (1956), "Assistant Head Truck Exterior Studio". Pietsch and a number of his fellow designers were laid off in 1958. Work
1959/00/00 In Chicago, Pietsch works for the industrial design firm of Dave Chapman Inc. Commuting weekly by train from South Bend, he is responsible for the Montgomery Ward account designing water heaters, water pumps, furnaces and air-conditioners. Work
1993/08/24 Theodore Wells Pietsch II dies of congestive heart failure in a nursing home in Everett, Washington. Died
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