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Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1876/07/01 Susan Keating Glaspell is born in Davenport, Iowa to Elmer Glaspell and his wife Alice Keating Glaspell. Born
1891/00/00 Glaspell family move to a house on the bluffs of Davenport, a few blocks from the crest. This will remain their home throughout Susan's life. Home Susan Glaspell House Davenport
1897/09/00 Susan Glaspell enrolls at Drake University where she will major in philosophy and become a champion debator. Work Drake University Campus Historic District Des Moines
1898/06/00 After graduating from Drake University, Susan Glaspell is hired as a job as a reporter for the Des Moines Daily News where she will report on statehouse and legislative activities. Work Des Moines Iowa
1900/12/03 Soon after the murder of John Hossack is first reported, Susan Glaspell is assigned to report on his homicide. "I was sent down-state to do a murder trial, and I never forgot going into the kitchen of a woman locked up in town." SG Work Trifles (One-Act Play) Warren County, IA
1914/04/00 Spring of 1914, Susan Glaspell and George Cook buy 564 Commercial. With celebrated painter Charles Demuth as interior designer, Cook works as bricklayer, plumber and carpenter as needed. Home Cook Glaspell House Provincetown
1914/07/00 Due to an unspecified heart lesion, Glaspell's doctor tells her she cannot climb stairs. From pipes, planks and ropes, Cook constructs an elevator from the kitchen to the second floor. Health Cook Glaspell House Provincetown
1914/08/00 During the summer, Cook works on the sundial designing a sculptural base that includes four nude women. Using Glaspell as a model, Cook sculpts Dawn, Noon, Sunset and the North Star. Glaspell provides plaster and water. Life Cook Glaspell House Provincetown
1915/07/15 The Provincetown Players begin: Artists present two plays on the veranda of Hutchins Hapgood and Neith Boyce's cottage. 621 Commercial St, Provincetown. The plays are "Constancy" by Neith Boyce and "Suppressed Desires" by George Cook and Susan Glaspell. Playwright Suppressed Desires (One-Act Play) Provincetown Massachusetts
1916/00/00 Glaspell writes Trifles: I went out on the wharf, sat alone on one of our wooden benches without a back, and looked a long time at that bare little stage. After a time the stage became a kitchen. I hurried in from the wharf to write down what I had seen. Author Trifles (One-Act Play) Cook Glaspell House Provincetown
1916/06/00 As they stroll down Commercial St, Glaspell ask Carlin, "Terry haven't you a play to read us? "No", he replies. "I don't write, I just think. And sometimes talk. But Mr O'Neil has got a whole trunk full of plays." O'Neill has "Thirst" and a small box. Producer Provincetown Historic District Provincetown
1916/08/08 "Trifles" by Susan Glaspell premieres at the Wharf Theater in Provincetown, Mass. Author Trifles (One-Act Play) Provincetown Massachusetts
1917/00/00 Susan Glaspell writes "A Jury of Her Peers": I had meant to do it as a short story, but the stage took it for its own. - SG Author A Jury of Her Peers (short story)
1917/03/05 "A Jury of Her Peers" by Susan Glaspell is published by Everyweek. Author A Jury of Her Peers (short story)
1948/07/28 Susan Glaspell dies of viral pneumonia at aged 72 at home in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Died Cook Glaspell House Provincetown

43 Creative Works by Susan Glaspell »

Title Type Association Y/M/D Moniker
Title Type Association Y/M/D Moniker
One of Those Impossible Americans (short story) Author Short Story
The Plea (short story) Author Short Story
Government Goat (short story) Author Short Story
Out There (short story) Author Short Story
At Twilight (short story) Author Short Story
The Preposterous Motive (short story) Author Short Story
His America (short story) Author Short Story
The Anarchist: His Dog (short story) Author Short Story
For Love of the Hills (short story) Author Short Story
His Smile (short story) Author Short Story
The Last Sixty Minutes (short story) Author Short Story
Freckles M'Grath (short story) Author Short Story
How the Prince Saw America (short story) Author Short Story
The Man of Flesh and Blood (short story) Author Short Story
From A to Z (short story) Author Short Story
The Glory of the Conquered (book) Author Novel 1909/00/00
The Visioning (book) Author Novel 1911/00/00
Lifted Masks (short story collection) Author Short Story Collection 1912/00/00
Suppressed Desires (One-Act Play) Author 1914/00/00
Fidelity (book) Author Novel 1915/00/00
Fugitive's Return (book) Author Novel 1915/00/00
Trifles (One-Act Play) Author 1916/08/08
  • 40 or So Notable Works of Performing Art
The Outside (One-Act Play) Author 1917/00/00
The People (One-Act Play) Author 1917/00/00
Close the Book (One-Act Play) Author 1917/00/00
A Jury of Her Peers (short story) Author Short Story 1917/03/05
  • 1000 Notable Short Stories, True Tales and Mezzobulas
Tickless Time (One-Act Play) Author 1918/00/00
Woman's Honor (One-Act Play) Author 1918/00/00
Free Laughter (One-Act Play) Author 1919/00/00
Bernice (Glaspell play) Author 1919/00/00
Inheritors (play) Author 1921/00/00
The Verge (play) Author 1921/00/00
Chains of Dew (play) Author 1922/00/00
The Road to the Temple (biography) Author 1926/00/00
Cherished and Shared of Old (children's book) Author 1926/00/00
The Comic Artist (play) Author 1927/00/00
Brook Evans (book) Author Novel 1928/00/00
Alison's House (play) Author 1930/00/00
  • 40 or So Notable Works of Performing Art
  • Pulitzer Prize for Drama
Ambrose Holt and Family (book) Author Novel 1931/00/00
The Morning Is Near Us (book) Author Novel 1939/00/00
Norma Ashe (book) Author Novel 1942/00/00
Springs Eternal (play) Author 1943/00/00
Judd Rankin's Daughter (book) Author Novel 1945/00/00

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