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Catherine Eddy Beveridge was an American socialite and philanthropist from Chicago, Illinois. She is featured in the 2005 book The Chronicle of Catherine Eddy Beveridge: An American Girl Travels into the Twentieth Century by her grandson Albert J Beveridge III and Chicago writer Susan Radomsky. - AsNotedIn

Detailing her life and travels from the period spanning 1902 through 1908, and her marriage to Senator Albert J Beveridge of Indiana, Catherine's world spanned Chicago, Indiana, Washington, DC, and Europe. Her social standing and friendships offer a unique look at some of the most prominent and important personalities of the time, including Theodore Roosevelt, Henry James, the Marshall Field family, Kaiser Wilhelm II, and Russian Emperor Nicholas II.- The Chronicle of Catherine Eddy Beveridge promotional material
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Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1881/06/29 Catherine Eddy in Chicago. She was the daughter of Augustus Eddy, a businessman from a prominent ministerial family, and Abby Spencer Eddy, whose father Franklin Fayette Spencer founded a hardware company. Born
1898/00/00 Through her brother Spencer's diplomatic connections, Catherine Eddy is presented at the Court of St James in London at the age of sixteen. Visitor Buckingham Palace London
1902/00/00 Catherine Eddy Beveridge is received at the court of Russian Tsar Nicholas II. Architect Winter Palace Saint Petersburg
1910/07/00 United States Senator Albert J Beveridge spends the summer at the Amory House in Dublin, NH. Home Amory House Dublin
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