Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1835/03/31 Louise Josephine La Farge, wife of Jean Frederic La Farge, gives birth to a son, John Frederick Lewis Joseph La Farge, at 40 beach Street (lost) in New York City. Born
1860/10/15 Margaret Mason Perry and John La Farge are married in Newport by Father William O'Reilly at St Mary's Roman Catholic Church. Groom St Mary's Church Newport, RI Marriage of Margaret Mason Perry and John La Farge
1870/00/00 Home of John La Farge and his wife Margaret Perry, grand-niece of Commodore Matthew Perry Home La Farge Perry House Newport, RI
1873/00/00 Margaret La Farge buys a house on Sunnyside Place with her inheritance. Home Margaret Mason Perry House Newport, RI
1876/09/15 The Building Committee hires John La Farge to paint and decorate the interior of the church for $8,000. Although the committee wished to leave the interior bare, Richardson persuaded them to engage La Farge. Painter Trinity Church, Boston Boston
1876/12/15 Rev Charles T Brooks joins Jeanne-Emilie Baheux de Puysieux and Frederic Auguste Bartholdi in holy matrimony in the parlor of the La Farge home with only La Farge, Margaret and their young daughter as witnesses. Witness Margaret Mason Perry House Newport, RI Marriage of Jeanne-Emilie Baheux de Puysieux and Frederic Auguste Bartholdi
1877/00/00 While looking at a cheap jar made of molded brown glass, La Farge notices that light is refracted by the shape as well as the color the glass, and sees a way to create decorative glass windows unlike the ones made with traditional flat panes of glass. Artisan
1877/01/31 Capping off 5 months of effort, John LaFarge and several assistants work through the night to finish the murals and decorations at Trinity Church. Painter Trinity Church, Boston Boston
1880/00/00 United Congregational church is decorated with stained glass windows and murals by John La Farge. Blues, greens, reds and gold predominate, and tapestried patterns run throughout. Artisan United Congregational Church Newport, RI
1880/02/00 John LaFarge patents a techniques for making opalescent glass, the fusion of small bits of glass. Inventor
1881/00/00 The Battle Window, plated opalescent stained glass window, funded by the Class of 1860, installed in Annenberg Hall Artisan Memorial Hall, Harvard U Cambridge, MA
1883/00/00 Christ Preaching (3 panel clerestory window with the brilliant turquoise background, west end) is installed at Trinity Church Artisan Trinity Church, Boston Boston
1884/00/00 Stainglass windows 'St Paul Preaching' and 'The Annuciation' are installed over the Altar in St Paul's sacturary Artisan St Paul's Episcopal Church, Stockbridge Stockbridge
1885/00/00 John La Farge produces an ambitious program of opalescent glass and interior decoration for the new church executed between 1885 and 1886. Artisan Trinity Episcopal Church Buffalo, NY
1887/00/00 "The Annunciation", a stained glass window in an Italian Renaissance style, is completed by John La Farge. It is a memorial to William Ellery Sedgwick. Artisan St Paul's Episcopal Church, Stockbridge Stockbridge
1888/00/00 The dining room is enlarged and a John LaFarge stained glass window is installed above the fireplace Artisan Weyerhaeuser House Rock Island
1889/00/00 Four stained glass windows designed by John LaFarge are installed in Emmanuel Church Artisan Emmanuel Church Manchester-by-the-Sea
1894/00/00 John LaFarge's "Infant Samuel" stained glass window is installed. Seventeen LaFarge windows will be installed by 1912. Artisan Judson Memorial Church, Campanile and Judson Hall New York City
1898/01/27 Collier's Weekly begins serializing the first of twelve parts of "The Turn of the Screw". The title illustration by John La Farge depicts the governess with her arm around Miles. Illustrator The Turn of the Screw (book)
1902/03/15 "Fortune and Her Wheel" stained-glass window by John LaFarge is featured in the lobby of the Frick Building. Artisan Frick Building and Annex Pittsburgh
1910/11/14 After suffering a nervous breakdown, John La Farge passes away at Butler Hospital, Providence Died Butler Hospital Providence, RI
1917/00/00 The Salmagundi Club buys the Hawley townhouse where they will install a stained glass window by former member John La Farge. Artisan Salmagundi Club New York City
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