John Muir

  • Scottish

Notable naturalist, author and advocate for preservation of wilderness - AsNotedIn

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Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1838/04/21 John Muir is born in Dunbar, Scotland Born John Muir's Birthplace Dunbar John Muir's Birthday
1849/00/00 John Muir's home 1849 to 1856, and periodically 1862-1864 Home Fountain Lake Farm Montello
1860/00/00 John Muir attends the University of Wisconsin from 1860 to 1863. He will reside in North Hall. Home North Hall, University of Wisconsin Madison, WI
1868/00/00 John Muir's first visit to Yosemite Visitor Yosemite Valley
1874/00/00 John Muir works as a guide and artist on the Survey of the 39th Parallel across the Great Basin of Nevada and Utah from 1874 to 1877. Work Great Basin
1875/00/00 In the Coast Survey Annual Report, John Muir records geological and botanical characteristics of Mount Shasta in Northern California. Work Mount Shasta
1879/00/00 John Muir's first visit to Glacier Bay, explored Geikie Inlet, he visited Muir Point in 1890 Visitor Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve Alaska
1890/00/00 John Muir home, 1890-1914 Home John Muir National Historic Site Martinez
1896/06/26 John Muir visits with John Burroughs a second time. "Julian and I met him at Hyde Park. A very interesting man, a little prolix a times. You must not be in a hurry, or have any pressing duty, when you start his stream of talk and adventure." JB Visitor Slabsides (John Burroughs Cabin) West Park
1898/09/25 Charles S Sargent, William M Canby and John Muir climb Grandfather Mountain "covered with very fine flowers, shrubs and trees". "I couldn't hold in, and began to jump about and sing and glory in it all." JM Visitor Grandfather Mountain North Carolina
1898/09/26 While waiting for a train for Biltmore, JM writes a card to his daughter: Yesterday we rode 38 miles through a very beautiful forest of many kinds of trees.... The drive from Roan Mountain to Lenoir, 75 miles, is I think the finest in America of its kind. Visitor Lenoir, NC North Carolina
1899/06/04 Harriman Alaska Expedition lands on Annette Island Arctic Expert Annette Island Alaska Harriman Alaska Expedition
1908/00/00 After President Roosevelt suggest naming the woods after Kent, Kent declines the honor and asked that the woods are named after John Muir. "This is the best tree-lovers monument that could possibly be found in all the forests of the world." - John Muir Honoree Muir Woods National Monument Golden Gate North - Golden Gate NRA
1914/12/24 John Muir dies of pneumonia in Los Angeles Died
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