Edith Carow Roosevelt

  • American

Edith Carow Roosevelt was the second wife of President Theodore Roosevelt, First Lady of the United States from 1901 to 1909. - AsNotedIn



Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1880/11/27 Alice Hathaway Lee marries Theodore Roosevelt Guest First Parish Unitarian Church Brookline Marriage of Alice Hathaway Lee and Theodore Roosevelt
1887/00/00 Theodore and Edith Carow Roosevelt move into Sagamore Hill Home Sagamore Hill National Historic Site Town of Oyster Bay, NY
1902/09/04 Grand Duke Boris has lunch with President Roosevelt at Sagamore Hill. Edith Roosevelt does not want to be present at the reception due to Boris' reported behavior in New York City. She suggests that the meeting to be "of the briefest official character." No Show Sagamore Hill National Historic Site Town of Oyster Bay, NY Boris Vladimirovich's World Tour
1903/00/00 President and Mrs Theodore Roosevelt visit with John Burroughs at Slabsides. Visitor Slabsides (John Burroughs Cabin) West Park
1905/05/00 Edith Roosevelt buys an unfinished farmhand's cottage and 15 acres from William Wilmer, an old family friend and owner of Plain Dealing farm. The price of $280 includes a new porch, 2 fireplaces and changing walls. Edith names the cottage "Pine Knot". Vacation Home Pine Knot Scottsville
1905/12/27 Accompanied by Mrs Roosevelt and the children, Ethel, Kermit and Archie, the President leave Washington at 11:30 o'clock for a five days' outing. The trip is made via the Southern Railway in the private car, Rover, attached to a regular train. Life Union Station Washington, DC
1905/12/27 President Roosevelt and party arrive here shortly before 3 o'clock this afternoon. The party take carriages immediately for Pine Knot, Mrs Roosevelt's country place. The President will remain there until Sunday afternoon. Life North Garden Virginia
1905/12/28 Theodore Roosevelt Jr joins the family holiday at Pine Knot. The only Roosevelt furniture at Pine Knot is a large table that dates back to the early 1900s. Life Pine Knot Scottsville
1905/12/31 When at their mountain home the Roosevelts attend divine services at Christ Church, St Ann's parish, which is located but a short distance from the lodge at Pine Knot. Faith Christ Church Glendower Keene
1907/05/00 Perhaps unknown to her son, Edith fearing for her husband's safety, two Secret Service men guard Pine Knot at night. Edith keeps such security details a secret from her husband, who would have been upset had he known. First Lady Pine Knot Scottsville
1908/05/00 The Roosevelt family enjoy what will be their last visit to Pine Knot. Life Pine Knot Scottsville
1910/04/25 Author Edith Wharton has Theodore and Edith Roosevelt over for tea. Edith Roosevelt and Edith Wharton are distant cousins. Visitor Residence de Wharton Vanderbilt Paris Smithsonian-Roosevelt African Expedition
1911/07/00 Anticipating that her husband will run for a second term as President, Edith Roosevelt buys 75 more acres at Pine Knot. Owner Pine Knot Scottsville
1941/00/00 Edith Roosevelt sells Pine Knot to George Omohundro, their neighbor and Teddy's hunting partner. Seller Pine Knot Scottsville
1941/00/00 Edith allows Pine Knot to be use by the local Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, two organizations the Roosevelts support. T Roosevelt was the first honorary vice president of BSA and is the only person to have been awarded the title of Chief Scout Citizen. Benefactor Pine Knot Scottsville
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