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Mathias P Moller built his first pipe organ manufacturing shop in April 1881, in Hagerstown, Maryland. This factory was destroyed by fire in 1895. In January 1896, a new factory was completed. Thirty-three years after building his first organ, Moller built his one thousandth. The second thousand organs were built in only seven years, the third thousand in five years. Moller averaged one organ per day through the entire decade of the 1920s. - NRHP


Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1922/00/00 MP Moller pipe organ Opus 3213 is installed in Memory of JE Croxton. Of the 996 original pipes, 20 percent are original, chimes donated by Mr and Mrs LP Roll in 1929 and the organ was tonally updated and a new console purchased in the early 1980s. Craftsman Grace Methodist Episcopal Church Wichita, KS
1927/00/00 Installed at a cost of $20,000 with money raised by the Women's Auxiliary, a Moller four manual pipe organ is installed and is still in use today. The organ was rebuilt in 1975 and refurbished again in 2000 due to storm damage to the pipes. Craftsman First Presbyterian Church El Dorado, AR
1928/12/10 Capitol Theatre opens as Rome's first sound movie theater. The program included a newsreel, two Vitaphone shorts and Lilac Time. The Moller theatre organ provided entrance and exit music, to accompany the newsreel, and to lead the audience sing-a-long. Craftsmen Capitol Theater Rome
1950/00/00 The fourth and current organ is bought by the Evangelical Lutheran Church from the M P Moller Inc, Pipe Organ Company of Hagerstown. Its 2,824 pipes and 53 ranks will be completely rebuilt and dedicated on 8 January 1982. Craftsman Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick Frederick, MD
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