Robert Cary Long Jr

  • American

Architect - AsNotedIn


Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Architect Baker Mansion Altoona
Architect Franklin Street Presbyterian Church and Parsonage Baltimore, MD
Architect Lloyd Street Synagogue Baltimore, MD
Architect Green Mount Cemetery Baltimore, MD
Architect Ellicott City Historic District Ellicott City, MD
Architect St Alphonsus' Church, Rectory, Convent and Halle Baltimore, MD
Architect St Peter the Apostle Church and Buildings Baltimore, MD
Architect Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind Staunton, VA
Architect St Peter's Episcopal Church Oak Grove
1812/00/00 St Paul's, the fourth in the parish's history, is erected in a neo-classical style. Able to hold 1,600 people in the main level and galleries, it features a 126 foot high spire. Architect St Paul's Protestant Episcopal Church Baltimore, MD
1839/00/00 A tower with a spire and interior decorations by architect Robert Cary Long Jr are installed. The steeple later became unstable and was removed in 1916. Architect St Mary's Seminary Chapel Baltimore, MD
1846/12/31 Designed by Robert Cary Long Jr, the present brick church is consecrated on the last day of 1846. Architect Trinity Episcopal Church Upper Marlboro, MD
1867/00/00 St Luke's Church is constructed c 1851 to c 1867 Architect St Luke's Church Baltimore, MD
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