Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1846/06/22 Sophia gives birth to Julian. "A small troglodyte made his appearance ..., the heir of all our wealth and honors. He has dark hair and is no great beauty at present, but is said to be a particularly fine little urchin by everybody who has seen him." Dad Born
1846/07/00 Shortly after the birth of their son Julian, the Hawthorne family moves into the Bott-Fabin House. Home Bott-Fabin House Salem, MA
1846/10/00 After only a couple of months living in the house on Chestnut St, the Hawthorne family moves to 14 Mall St which is large enough to allow Nathaniel's mother to live with them. Home The Scarlet Letter House Salem, MA
1850/03/00 The Hawthornes take a cottage in Stockbridge where, most days, Nathaniel walks two miles to the Lenox post office to pickup his mail. His series of children's stories, Tanglewood Tales, are inspired by the name of the neighboring estate. Home Hawthorne's Little Red Cottage Stockbridge
1853/12/03 Nathaniel Hawthorne buys four acres of land lying between this hilltop tract and The Wayside was from the Alcott trustees. Home The Wayside Concord, MA
1893/06/00 Workmen remove the falsework that supports his wheel. "It is impossible for the non-mechanical mind to understand how such a Brobdingnag continues to keep itself erect." - Julian Hawthorne Visitor Chicago, grande roue (film) Midway Plaisance Park, Chicago Chicago World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago
1912/01/00 In New York City, William J Morton and Julian Hawthorne are Indicted on a charge of fraudulent use of the mails in the promotion and selling some 3.5 million shares of stock in a nonexistent silver mining companies. Defendant
1913/03/14 In New York City, William J Morton and Julian Hawthorne are convicted of mail fraud, and are sentenced to serve one year in the United States Penitentiary, Atlanta. Convict United States Penitentiary, Atlanta Atlanta, GA
1913/10/15 Julian Hawthorne is release from prison and returns to work as a journalist in Boston for the Boston American. Life
1915/02/00 Julian Hawthorne interviews George Stallings, the manager of the defending World Champion Braves, at his home in Haddocks, Georgia. Work Gray Georgia
1915/03/00 Julian Hawthorne spends a month at the Braves spring training grounds in Macon, Georgia. Hawthorne is impressed with a rookie named Babe Ruth. "He is a born pitcher, no doubt, but he can hit too." JH Work Macon Georgia
1915/05/00 On assignment in his New England, Julian Hawthorne visits Wayside. Work The Wayside Concord, MA
1915/05/00 Julian Hawthorne visits Louisa May Alcott's Apple Slump. Work Orchard House Concord, MA
1915/05/00 As part of a photo essay assignment where he visits his old Boston, Salem, Cambridge and Concord haunts, Julian Hawthorne places a pebble on Thoreau's cairn at Walden Pond. Work Walden Pond Concord, MA
1915/05/00 Julian Hawthorne interviews Frank Sanborn. Work
1915/12/00 In the first week of December, Julian Hawthorne contributes a couple of articles to the Los Angles Herald about the trial of Matthew Schmidt, a Wobblie who spent 5 years on the lam after being implicated in the Los Angels Times bombing. Work Dynamiting of the Los Angles Times building
1918/04/13 "Absolute Evil" by Julian Hawthorne is published in All-Story Weekly. Author Absolute Evil (Short Story)
1934/07/21 After suffering two heart attacks, Julian Hawthorne, weakened by influenza, dies in San Francisco. His funeral will be private and, after his body is cremated, his ashes will be scattered along Newport Beach, California. Died

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Title Type Association Y/M/D Moniker
Title Type Association Y/M/D Moniker
Absolute Evil (Short Story) Author Short Story 1918/04/13
  • 1000 Notable Short Stories, True Tales and Mezzobulas

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