Adam P Leighton

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Adam P Leighton was the founder of the picture postcard industry in America and later Mayor of Portland. - NRHP



Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1851/04/06 Julia Ann Leighton, wife of Adam W Leighton, gives birth to a son, Adam Phillips Leighton in West Falmouth Corner, Cumberland County, Maine. Born
1867/00/00 Hired by Hugh J Chisholm, later to become a famed paper magnate, Adam Leighton begins working in Chisholm Brothers bookstore in Portland, Maine, at $5.00 per week. Work
1872/00/00 By 1872, Adam Leighton becomes manager of the Chisholm Brothers company who produce and distribute popular lithographed view books throughout the United States and Canada. Work
1873/04/30 Isadore Mary Butler, daughter of Alonzo Butler, marries Adam P Leighton. Groom
1880/00/00 After 1880, lithographed view books produced by the Chisholm Brothers company of Portland, Maine, begin to feature photographic halftones and from these will evolve the first picture postcards in the United States. Work Arrival of the Picture Postcard
1895/00/00 Adam Leighton makes a deal with the House of Frey, Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, to publish quality color cards. Thus begins the classic period of the color picture postcard in America which will produce some of its finest examples of lithographic art. Work Arrival of the Picture Postcard
1903/00/00 Adam P Leighton makes his home in a 2.5 story Colonial Revival style brick residence with a hipped roof, bracketed cornice, three internal brick chimneys and a portico. Home Adam P Leighton House Portland, ME
1904/00/00 Hugh Leighton and his father, Adam, establish the Hugh C Leighton Co in Portland, Maine, for many years the largest postcard manufacturer in America. They had over sixty million cards in stock at the height of the company's business. Work Arrival of the Picture Postcard
1908/00/00 Adam P Leighton works as the Mayor of Portland from 1908 to 1909. Work
1922/08/24 Adam Phillips Leighton dies at age 71. Mr Leighton buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Portland, Maine. Died Evergreen Cemetery Portland, ME
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