Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Architect St Paul's Episcopal Church Georgetown, DE
Architect Wales House Hyde Park, NY
Architect Howard Mansion and Carriage House Hyde Park, NY
Architect Germantown Cricket Club Philadelphia, PA
Architect Bryan Lathrop House Chicago
Architect University Cottage Club Princeton
1874/00/00 Charles McKim's photo of Whitehall is published. He hang a copy over his desk. For several summers during the 1870s, McKim rented a house on Washington St in Newport, sketching buildings, and hired an artist to photograph 60 colonial structures. Education Dean George Berkeley House Middletown, RI
1878/00/00 Charles McKim designs a Stony Brook Harbor Estate for Harvard Classmate Prescott Hall Butler. Architect By-the-Harbor Smithtown, NY
1884/00/00 St Paul's present church, a gift of Charles Butler in memory of his wife Susan Butler, is designed by Charles F McKim for free. Architect St Paul's Episcopal Church, Stockbridge Stockbridge
1894/00/00 Seth Low's leadership brings Columbia to the Morningside site. His sense of the monumental importance of a great university and it's civic responsibility is reflected in the master plan commissioned from Charles Follen McKim of McKim, Mead and White. Architect Columbia University, Morningside
1895/00/00 Boston Public Library opens at the corner of Dartmouth St and Boylston St. Built for $2,268,000, it can hold million books. Architect Boston Public Library Boston
1895/00/00 The Low Memorial Library of Columbia University is built by University President Seth Low as the school's central library. Financed with $1 million of Low's own money, he named it in memory of his father, Abiel Abbot Low. Architect Low Memorial Library New York City
1896/10/00 The smaller Greek style Langdon House is torn down in 1896 and, that October construction begins on the 54-room Vanderbilt mansion. Architect Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site Hyde Park, NY
1902/00/00 Pierpont Morgan chooses architect Charles McKim to design a library for his collection of rare books. It was built between 1902 and 1906. Architect Morgan Library and Museum New York City
1903/05/30 Cast in 1902 and set on a Stony Creek granite pedestal designed by Charles Follen McKim, Saint-Gaudens' statute of Gen William Tecumseh Sherman is unveiled on Memorial Day in the Grand Army Plaza at 59th St and 5th Ave in New York. Architect Grand Army Plaza, Manhattan New York City
1903/06/22 Groundbreaking Architect Harvard Stadium Boston
1904/00/00 Charles Follen McKim designs a three-story library building the Italian Renaissance Palazzo for 135th Street in New York City. Architect Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture New York City
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