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Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Military Fort Strother Site Ohatchee
Slept here Treber Inn West Union
Significant name Old Agency Road Ridgeland
Andrew Jackson visits Ingles Ferry Tavern Visitor Ingles Ferry Radford
1780/08/05 General Thomas Sumter crosses the Catawba River 20 miles north of Rocky Mount at Land's Ford, where about 500 North Carolinians under Major Davie and Colonel Robert Irwin joined his 300 South Carolina militiamen. Patriot Landsford Canal Landsford Canal State Park Battle of Hanging Rock
1780/08/06 About 600 Patriot militia of the Carolinas led by Col Thomas Sumter destroy a British camp, killing and wounding over 200 British Regulars. The patriots had they not started looting the stores of the British Camp that included their stores of rum. Patriot Soldier Battle of Hanging Rock Historic Site Heath Springs Battle of Hanging Rock
1785/11/06 Andrew Jackson studies law in Salisbury under Spruce Macay, 1784-85. He was admitted to the bar in Rowan County 6 Nov 1787. His desk is in Hall House. Education Hall House Salisbury
1789/00/00 Andrew Jackson lives at the Taylor cabin while practicing law in Jonesborough, 1788-89 Home Christopher Taylor House Jonesborough
1794/00/00 Rachel Robards marries Andrew Jackson in a quiet ceremony at the Donelson home in Nashville. Groom Marriage of Rachel Robards and Andrew Jackson
1797/00/00 General Jackson gives an elegant dinner to celebrate the marriage of Phila Ann Lawrence and Stockley Donelson. Host Marriage of Phila Ann Lawrence and Stockley Donelson
1804/00/00 Visitor Preston House Saltville
1804/00/00 By 1804, Jackson is racing his thoroughbred horses at a race track situated in bottom land along the Stone's River, whence the name Clover Bottom. Due to the popularity of the race track, Jackson, by 1805, invest in a store and tavern nearby. Life Clover Bottom Mansion Nashville, TN
1804/00/00 From 1804 to 1821, Jackson and his wife live in a log cabin, with slaves occupying two additional log structures. Together the complex forms the First Hermitage and the structures are known as the West, East and Southeast cabins. Home The Hermitage Nashville, TN
1805/05/30 Burr arrives in Nashville, he spends four days as the guest of General Andrew Jackson, enjoying public balls and dinners. Host The Hermitage Nashville, TN Aaron Burr Conspiracy
1807/00/00 As early as 1807, Newton Cannon, George Elliott and General Andrew Jackson establish Nashville's first Jockey Club. Horse Aficionado
1814/00/00 Andrew Jackson purchases arms for his troops on his way to New Orleans Commander Samuel Crockett House Brentwood Journey to the Battle of New Orleans, 1814
1814/03/17 Major General Andrew Jackson's army of 3300 men attacked Chief Menawa's 1000 Red Stick Creek warriors fortified in a horseshoe shaped bend of the Tallapoosa River. Commander Horseshoe Bend National Military Park Alabama
1814/05/00 General Andrew Jackson and the militia are honored by a dinner hosted by LeRoy Pope at his newly completed plantation house. Visitor Leroy Pope Mansion Huntsville
1814/08/22 Gen Andrew Jackson leads his army downriver into newly American Mobile. He established his headquarters in a rough dwelling near the river, where The Battle House stands today. Headquarters Battle House Royale Mobile
1814/11/27 Andrew Jackson stays at Fords Fort on the way to Battle of New Orleans Visitor Ford House Sandy Hook Journey to the Battle of New Orleans, 1814
1815/01/08 American Army battle invading British Army and Royal Navy American Commander Chalmette Unit of Jean Lafitte NHP Historic District Chalmette Journey to the Battle of New Orleans, 1814
1819/00/00 Andrew Jackson takes lodging at the Lamar House Hotel Slept here Lamar House Hotel Knoxville
1819/00/00 Visitor Locust Grove Louisville, KY
1821/00/00 Jackson commissions construction of a refined two-storyFederal-stylemansion, built with bricks manufactured on-site with skilled slave labor, and completed between 1819 and 1821. Home The Hermitage Nashville, TN
1825/00/00 Andrew Jackson visits with wife Rachel Visitor Locust Grove Louisville, KY
1828/12/22 Rachel Donelson Jackson dies suddenly. Jackson held her body tightly until he was pulled away. She is buried at The Hermitage wearing the white dress and shoes she had bought for the Inaugural Ball. Grieving Husband The Hermitage Nashville, TN
1829/00/00 President Andrew Jackson stops holding Cabinet meetings when infighting made the group ineffectual. 1829 to 1831, his unofficial advisors, mocked as the "Kitchen Cabinet", met at Blair's house. Preston's teenage daughter Elizabeth often served as scribe. US President Blair House Washington, DC
1830/01/10 President Andrew Jackson request Elliott's advice regarding his horse Bolivar. Horse Aficionado Wall Spring Gallatin
1832/00/00 President Andrew Jackson stops at the Colby Tavern on his trip to Winchester. Visitor Colby Tavern Winchester
1833/07/29 Recommissioned on 15 July 1833, the Delaware receives President Andrew Jackson aboard. Commander in Chief Drydock No 1 Portsmouth
1834/00/00 In 1834, a chimney fire seriously damages the Jackson house, with the exception of the dining room wing. Home The Hermitage Nashville, TN
1835/00/00 The Hermitage is built in a secluded meadow that was chosen as a house site by Rachel Jackson, wife of Andrew Jackson. The current 13-room Greek Revival structure is built on the same foundation as a former house. Home The Hermitage Nashville, TN
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